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anaamaly picWhat is an “anomaly?” The standard definition of “anomaly” is “something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.”  The Meriam-Webster dictionary defines it as:  something different, abnormal, peculiar, or not easily classified. 

Our featured artist at New Age CD is Anaamaly, pronounced just like “anomaly.” We may think we know what an anomaly is, but in this case maybe we don’t quite know. Let’s delve.

Anaamaly the recording artist is otherwise known as Phil Strickland.  Phil is a Phoenix, AZ, based composer and musician composer, arranger, and re-mixer. His musical talent traces back to elementary school where he began playing the trumpet. Later on he began experimenting with beats and eventually found his way into trip hop. For those that do not know, trip hop is a fusion of hip hop and down tempo, chill, electronica.  An anomaly, right? Right.


A collection of spiritually moving, instrumental soundscapes for deep sleep, relaxation, yoga, and meditation.

Anaamaly’s new release is “Urban Metta, Vol. 1.”  He says his intention with this album was to “create a collection of spiritually moving, instrumental soundscapes for deep sleep, relaxation, yoga, and meditation.” Well, in our opinion, he hit the mark with this intention. The soundscapes on Urban Metta are both moving, multi-dimensional, and deeply relaxing at the same time.  Another anomaly? Perhaps. It depends upon your perspective.

Recognized as one of the best albums of 2016 by Ambient Music Guide, Anaamaly recommends listening to Urban Metta with headphones for the best personal journey into your inner stillness.

CzzFQkfVIAAYGjFOther zen tidbits:

    • Anaamaly’s wife is a yoga instructor whose students use Urban Metta in their yoga practices. They have described it as “peaceful and calming.
  • Mood Media recently decided to make Urban Metta, Vol. 1 available to 580,000 of their in-store radio retail locations worldwide.

Now, what is a Metta? Metta is best described as the Buddhist virtue of universal loving-kindness. The Urban Dictionary defines it as: Metta is a sincere wish for the welfare and genuine happiness of all beings, without exception.  Without exception, we wish the same to Anaamaly, and of course to all.

Did Anaamaly hit the mark with his intention for Urban Metta, Vol. 1? Have a listen for yourself and let us know your own opinion.


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Music Video – I Stand In My Own Power – Anaamaly – Urban Metta, Vol. 1

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