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Shunia Promo Photo 2-3905x5606px 240dpiWHO IS SHUNIA? Shunia (pronounced Shooon-ya) is a duo – Lisa Reagan and Suzanne Jackson – who combine addictive melodies, ancient chants and poly-cultural rhythms into a sound that feels both new and timeless at the same time. Together, they create genre-defying music to transform, uplift, and connect you to the energy within and around you.

Their 2nd album, the self-titled “Shunia,” is an album whose goal is to spread the seeds of hope and empowerment. Both Lisa and Suzanne are Kundalini Yoga enthusiasts who decided to create a chant album together. And so, with Tony award-winning producer,  Jamshied Sharifi, they did.

Lisa says, “The mantras that we are chanting on this album have been chanted for 5000 years. The intention in each word has a vibrational energy to it, and the language (Sanskrit) is an ancient holy language that carries the seed sounds of humans. I wanted to create music that would lift you up, and give you hope and comfort. Music has the power to do that. I believe it is our most universal and ancient language.”

“Shunia” is our Featured Album and you can read more about it here.


“According to a study done by the University of Wisconsin-Health scientific evidence suggests that music can have a profound effect on individuals, from helping improve the recovery of motor and cognitive function in stroke patients, reducing symptoms of depression in patients suffering from dementia, even helping patients undergoing surgery to experience less pain and heal faster.

One Oklahoma City artist who wants to use that science to help as many people as possible and bring us all the good stuff.

One good song can change the world, and in a time where people are looking for healing and positivity any way they can get it, Lisa Reagan Love is hoping her group Shunia’s new self-titled album can provide some of the good stuff that we all need. And she’s got a goal that goes beyond selling albums…”  > READ MORE HERE FROM OKLAHOMA CITY FOX NEWS IN THE MORNING

Shunia1 lisaAbout Lisa Reagan

Lisa Reagan’s theatrical and classical training led her to performances at The Kennedy Center, The Arena Stage, and to becoming a resident artist of the Washington National Opera. She has shared the stage with great artists, such as Placido Domingo and Renee Fleming.

Performing music has literally taken Lisa around the world, which allowed her to study the cultures of her various destinations. Although she had been recording since she was 16, the untimely passing of her sister triggered feelings that led to a creative outpouring that resulted in her first album of original songs. Altogether, Lisa has released seven previous albums of her own music.

Shunia1 suzanneAbout Suzanne Jackson

As a teacher of yoga and voice, Suzanne Jackson helps people find their soul voice and personal destiny through music, movement and meditation. She spent 25 years on stage as a resident artist with the Washington National Opera and teaches her method of conscious singing entitled YogaSing™ to artists around the country. As director of The Awakening Arts Studio, her clients have graced the stages of the world’s major opera houses and Broadway.

She has co-produced instructional yoga DVDs including “YogaSing” and “The Essence of Yoga” with Tao Porchan-Lynch. Her inspirational children’s book and musical, Penny the Piano has inspired thousands of children to find their true home within.

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