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From time immortal, music has always been at the forefront of mankind’s spiritual journey and awakening. It has been an ongoing quest to rediscover our path and place in the universe throughout many cultures from Egypt, Ireland, England, and Tibet, to the vast tribes of Native, Aboriginal, Aztec, and Peru, just to name a few.

Each one of our many civilizations has always had music to shape our lives, culture, and the very heart of us. It is said that music calms the savage beast. Why do you suppose that is? It is because long ago our Star Ancestors, whom originally brought the gift of music to us, understood and taught our world that it is all about vibration and the healing properties it holds.

A true piano masterpiece only becomes that through a link between the many keys of the piano and vibration it carries. Each note, tone, or vibration links in harmony to create the whole of the song. Much as the energy and vibration within ourselves creates our thoughts, dreams and movement of the body.

And within us resides creation itself and the music of the universe, the music of the soul, and the music of the heart. How many times have we been to a concerto, an opera, or just a concert from your favorite musician? Remember how the music touched you, moved you to the depths of your soul? And you always remembered the details of the event, where it happened, what lead you there in the first place, and even who was with you at the time of the experience.

There is a very profound reason for this. As you listen to the symphony of notes, their vibrations began to permeate your body, and thus the brain and soul come alive and begin a transcendent magical dance. When you hear a bass beat repeating over and over, soon your body begins to sway with its rhythm, as if uncontrollably lead. It is the same at many of the Native Pow Wow gatherings, when you hear the drums it is a steady rhythmic beat we call the “Heartbeat of Mother Earth.”

Ancient Shaman and Healers from many civilizations knew the intricate pattering’s and vibrational cause and effect. Even today, music created in movies brings fantasy to life. And yet there is so much more untapped knowledge that we have yet to discover about song and its vibratory effects. Doctors from all walks of life from secular to esoteric have discovered the power and vibration of music, tonality, and vibration. They are rapidly learning that sounds, music, and color have amazingly profound effects on their patients, leaving doctors scratching their heads in awe.

In the New World we have been called to redefine what we consider magic, spirit, energy and vibration, we are called to rediscover a truth that was born into us from the beginning of our soul’s journey.  So you see, we have yet to tap into our greatest resource and discover its many secrets. Music is the very heart and language of the universe, and the power and magic it can bring to life still has many stories to tell, your story…our story. So play, create, dance, and love but most of all, embrace your inner symphony for it will lead you home.

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