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Anita Lerche | Love Is My Religion | Album Review by Dyan Garris

Love Is My Religion - Anita Lerche -- Album Cover“Love Is My Religion” by Anita Lerche

Album Review by Dyan Garris for New Age CD, Zone Music Reporter (ZMR), and “Spirit Seeker Magazine

“A completely lovable album from a beautiful songbird. This will raise your spirits and warm your heart immediately.” – Dyan Garris

What better time in our lifetimes for unity and love than right now? “Love Is My Religion,” the 5th solo album by the beautiful songbird, and Billboard charting artist, Anita Lerche, is about letting go, following your heart, and spreading more love and unity in the world across boundaries, borders, and religions. “It is time to fly. . .” That is quite so.

Joined on the brief (about 19 minutes), and completely uplifting album is renowned, Grammy® nominated guitarist Jim “Kimo” West, who also co-produced along with Anita.

Now, there are voices and then there are voices. Anita has been gloriously gifted with one of the latter. Her voice is stunningly beautiful. From the first few opening notes of the first of 6 vocal tracks, “Follow Your Heart,” we know we are in for something special. I love this track and the inspiring lyrics:

“Follow your heart, it knows the way. Let go of any fear. . .dive into the unknown and explore that love so strong. . .leading you all the way home.” All so very beautiful.  This kind of light is needed and appreciated in the world right now.

Jim “Kimo” West performs here on guitar, bass, piano, keyboard pads, and orchestration. Simone Vitucci’s cello performance adds even more depth and texture. Anita’s voice is just gorgeous. I know I said that. But it is. You have to hear it for yourself. Can almost 400K fans be wrong? No.  And that – along with everything else in this song and on this album – is what makes it unforgettable. Simple, straightforward, and yet so extraordinary.  Just like the concept of universal love, eh?

Following is the equally gorgeous, “One Life.” “You have one life, and it is now. . .” Anita’s voice is clear and strong and at that perfect range that gently opens the heart. Yes, I think her voice is the vibration of love.  Jim’s guitar, bass, keyboard pads and strings, plus gentle percussion, are pleasant, melodic, and supremely flowing.

“I See The Light” is a gentle vocal with sweet, angelic lyrics that invite us to a place of peace: “Follow the light and see where it leads you. . .the light will be our guide on this magical ride.” This is short at 2:23, but enormously comforting and refreshing to the spirit. You’ll want to play it again and again.

Subhash Kali, Pal Singh, and Mohit Kashyab join together with Jim’s wonderful instrumentation and Anita’s amazing vocals on the title track.  As you might have surmised from the names, here we have the addition of the tabla, satwinder, sarangi, and other Indian instrumentation, giving this song a fabulous, exotic, Eastern Indian vibe. It’s different, unique, and thoroughly enjoyable.

The melodic and flowing, “Grab The Moment” really makes you want to sing like this, as well as reminding us that life is short and we should “live like there is no tomorrow.” If you can’t sing a note, you will find yourself singing this then in your heart and soul: “Spread that love that will never die. . ..dreams come true if you really want them to. . . let love show you the way.”

The brief album closes out with the lovely, uplifting, “Let Go.” “It’s never too late to let your light shine bright. . .let go of any fear and nothing can hold you back.” We are effectively reminded that we are love and we are light. This is a completely lovable album that will raise your spirits immediately and then some.

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© & ℗ 2020 Smooth Fusion Records (SFR0220) / Anita Lerche Music LLC
7743 Langwood Drive, Indianapolis, Indiana 46268 (US)
Produced by: Anita Lerche for Anita Lerche Music LLC & Jim “Kimo” West
Music & Lyrics: Anita Lerche
Music Programming and Arrangements by: Jim “Kimo” West
Sound Engineer: Jim “Kimo” West, Van Nuys, CA (US)
Indian Instrumentation Arrangement: Mohit Kashyap, Punjab (India)
Sound Engineer of Tabla & Sarangi: Mohit Kashyap, Punjab (India)
All Vocals recorded in:
The Lodge Recording Studios, Indianapolis, Indiana (US)
Sound Engineer: Michael Graham
Mixed by: Jim “Kimo” West, Van Nuys, CA (US)
Mastered by: John Golden – Golden Mastering, Ventura, CA (US)
Exclusive Artist Management by: Soren Hjorth (Hjorth Productions)
Cover Portrait Painting: Salma Taman
Graphic Designer: Eli Richey

Artist Contact: [email protected]


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