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BODHI | Deep Dream: Shamanic Flute Journeys | Album Review by Dyan Garris

COVER_ONLY_FINAL_1400 copy bodhi“Deep Dream: Shamanic Flute Journeys” by BODHI

Album Review by Dyan Garris for Zone Music Reporter (ZMR), New Age CD, and “Spirit Seeker Magazine


When we think of sound healing, we may think of crystal singing bowls and the like. But this is definitely not that. From the first notes of “Deep Dream” by Bodhi, we can literally feel the life force returning to our being. Amazing. Seriously. How does he do that?

Bodhi Setchko, i.e., BODHI, is a multi-instrumentalist – flute, piano, guitar, percussion, and more – and the founder of Crystal Wind Music. In addition to being a sound healer, he is also a painter and author. He has been a professional musician most of his life.  Bodhi has been working with sound meditation, sound healing, and sacred sound journeys for over 40 years and has studied with many global notables. His music has had millions of plays on many streaming sites. As well, his music is used in yoga studios, health spas, and health practitioner’s offices. One listen to this and you will know exactly why.

“Deep Dream” is 9 tracks and a whopping 76-1/2 minutes long. The music was recorded in 432 Hz tuning (said to be the natural frequency of the universe), and subtly infused with a binaural beat of 4 Hz. This frequency is said to be at the crossroads of Theta and Delta brain-wave states, where, if I am not mistaken, dreaming and healing take place. Bodhi says the album is best enjoyed with headphones.

On the album, Bodhi performs on flutes, keyboards, bells, chimes, charango, guitar, and drum. Jen Rund performs on bass and Spencer Nielson guests here on didgeridoo. Christopher Krotky adds drums and drum programming.

The album opens with the title track, which is almost 9 minutes of uplifting, dynamic, and almost hypnotic peace. You can feel yourself effortlessly relaxing. This has a great beat and a mesmerizing, melodic flute melody, along with calming ocean sounds. What a beautiful and perfect beginning to this album.

The almost 10 minute “Gathering Dawn” follows. Nature sounds, ultra-relaxing flute, guitar/strings, drum, and perfect percussion, all lead us into more tranquility. This IS that mysterious space right between night and daybreak, between slumber and waking.

Breathy flute and didgeridoo put us instantly at ease in “Every Breath.” Along with that, the percussion is brilliant and scintillating. This is a perfect song for meditation. “Desert Canvas” masterfully captures that particular ambiance. Ultra-tranquil flutes on a gentle droning background, along with stellar percussion and soft drumming, all lead us into an even deeper state of relaxation. You can feel deep, deep peace seeping into your whole being. I really love this one. It’s 10 minutes of “zone out” of anything and everything that ails you. Goodbye, stress.

I was thinking this could not even get any better. . . but I was mistaken. “Alone” is another favorite. Completely mesmerizing, with another beautiful flute melody that seems to draw us right into the peaceful magic of being alive. There is nothing “lonely” about being inside of this one. “Alone” is a special place of reflection, remembrance, and love. You may want to stay there.

“Surrounding Mountains” is very cool, as is the outstanding, gently flowing, rhythmic, “Waves of Color,” which is also another favorite. If you get nothing else, get this one. We feel transported. But THAT is the magic of Bodhi’s artistry and the specialness of this album.  We are just there wherever we are. And with this music, there is a sense of coming together; an integration of sorts, with zero effort. Time somehow stands still and disappears. Space is fluid. Troubles melt away into nothingness. What troubles? Here, on both of these – on the whole album – we have again the quite masterful flute performance, that isn’t really a performance, by the way, as Bodhi seems to be completely and totally ONE with his instruments. And WE become one with ourselves and everything else again. What separation? Healing? Oh, my! Yes, yes, and yes.

Another one to absolutely love is “Behind The Buddha.” The strings, beat, flute. . .all delightfully harmonious and flowing. I listened to it over and over again. It’s sort of like a flowing river of life, very rejuvenating and restorative.

The album closes out with “Purple Shadows.” Super relaxing and soothing, this speaks directly to something deep in your soul. It says, “Heal. Dream. BE.”

“Deep Dream” is an inspiring, uncontrived, awesomely phenomenal, deep, deep dream. Mmmm. . . do yourself a favor and get this whole experience. Journey back to yourself. LOVE IT.


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Album Credits:
All compositions by Bodhi Setchko
Bodhi Setchko, flutes, keyboards, bells, chimes, charango, guitar and drum
Christopher Krotky, drums, drum programming
Jen Rund, bass
Spencer Nielson, didgeridoo



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