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IMG_5488_edited JPG JULIANEMy name is Juliane (Śhakra Jewel), and I have been a holistic health practitioner and world traveler for decades. My life’s journey has taken me from New York to Los Angeles, Australia to India, and hundreds of places in between. I would be honored to assist you in your journey to wholeness and healing.

In 2017, I began a destination retreat company where I first started facilitating meditation and holistic healing retreats. This experience fostered my passion for guiding others to health and wholeness, and I continue to facilitate retreats by request.

My mission is to help inspire, ignite passion, and empower you and the people in your life. By sharing tools to master your limitless possibilities and reconnect with your inner spirit, I can guide you into a state of profound and heartfelt growth. The change you are yearning for is within your grasp.

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Introducing “Namaste,” from the album, “In The Light of Jewels” by Carlos Carty and Śhakra Jewel (Juliane)

As the track “Namaste” opens we are mesmerized by the loving and rich vocal tones of our guide as she envelops us with her spoken lyrics. She is pure love, and is guarding and guiding humanity angelically. She calls us to leave behind the ways of war and to embrace love and peace.

“We want peaceful humanity, Let’s come together to bring peace and love….No more war, no more inner war we cannot keep score…Wake up to hear the voices of a brand new song, here to stay, Love and peace be with us, hear the angels singing hallelujah hallelujah…”

The word, “Namaste,” translates to “I humbly bow to you.” Inherent within this phrase is the acknowledgement of the equality of all and the call to honor the sacredness of creation. When humility and love are born, spirituality will be born and grow. Humility is acquired by acts of humility and love by acts of love. We are reminded that to love one another is the greatest commandment.

Our angelic guide is joined in a duet as we transition out of the heavenly realms and into the earthly space. The listener can feel the warmth and vibrancy of creation as the opening notes of the guitar and flute fill the senses. The lyrics of the song unfold and build on the teachings of our guide.

“…We are guardians of this planet…and I pray for you, I pray for you…There are no tyrants that control your freedom…And my heroes are the children who paint peace…”

The strong and sensitive voice of our lyricist is joined by a children’s choir in a beautiful vocal explosion. “…The scream is already heard in the streets…We want peace…We want peace.”

This track, “Namaste,” from the collection, “In The Light of Jewels” will assist the listener in creating balance in the heart chakra, enhancing compassion, empathy, love, and inner peace.

Listening to these healing affirmations from the track, “Namaste,” will guide us to allow peace and love to fill our hearts as we come together to help those in need, and share light with kindness, compassion, and grace.

“The heart is our sanctuary
A temple of love
Our hearts are opening
We are forgiven
Openly and freely
We are connected
Love is beautiful, love is kind, love is divine”

“Namaste” is our cry for World Peace. We are together, moving into a place of love and peace and even in the darkest moments, the light never goes out. In our hearts we are very conscious of world events and pray every day for peace in all nations.

Now, more than ever, it is so important for us to connect with nature as God speaks to our souls through His creation. The lyrics in “Namaste” have been divinely inspired through daily walks in the serene gardens at “The Shrine of Our Lady” in Long Island, New York.

It is our prayer that “Namaste” brings hope, comfort, and peace to your hearts.

In peace and love,

Carlos Carty and Śhakra Jewel

Releases April 4, 2022

Carlos Carty
Lyricist & Vocals
Music Producer & Music Video Production

Feat.Coro Planetario – Choir Micha Wasi (Peru)

Album Cover – VAYU Pedro Gallinger

Artist – Śhakra Jewel
Lyricist & vocals

Breathe Love Movement
Editor – Jennifer O’Brien

Copyright by Juliane Renée • New York
all rights reserved

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