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Carol Comune

IMG_1311_Carol ComuneOur Featured Artist is Carol Comune

Carol Comune is an official Steinway Artist and pianist extraordinaire, but so much more than that. Let’s explore:

Since capturing her attention at age three, Carol Comune has been mesmerized by the piano’s sounds, touch, repertoire and the ability to express one’s sentiments, passions and love all in one. Today, Ms. Comune is a critically acclaimed Steinway performing artist, composer and educator.

Ms. Comune’s early affinity for music led to a scholarship for piano and solfege study with alumnus of the ParisConservatoire, Mme. Yvonne Combe. Ms. Comune went on to receive a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance with David Hagan at the New England Conservatory of Music and continued studies with Jean Stackhouse, John Felice, Donald Waxman and influential mentor, concert pianist Anthony di Bonaventura. During her time with Mr. di Bonaventura, Ms. Comune spent two years relearning how to approach the piano, which had a profound rippling effect on her performances, teaching, and relationships.

_cover_only-Reflections_2014cover_12.12.14“Instead of hearing a piano, it should be an extension of the performer that communicates with depth and perception for the listener to hear and feel,” Ms. Comune says. “A great pianist not only has great technique but is convincing with their intentions and intelligence of the music. I want to hear a beautiful tone through sensitive expression with breath and a great sense of rhythm.”

In an era of high tension and stress, Carol’s beautiful writing is a welcome relief…reminiscent at times of Ravel, Debussy, and Satie. ~ Ron Della Chiesa, WGBH, Boston, National Public Radio

Her music has been described as New Age/Contemporary, and having, “an overall meditative sound, mild rhythmic syncopation, acoustic sonority and intricate melodic phrasing.” As a premiere pianist performing extensively throughout the eastern United States both as a soloist and as a chamber musician, in 1997, Ms. Comune was accepted into the distinguished worldwide artist roster of Steinway & Sons.

Ms. Comune has recorded eight albums of original compositions and arrangements through her company, Elegant Entertainment & Co. (BMI), founded in 1985, including “Intracoastal,” 1990; “Echoes from Coquina,” 1991, “Farm of Dreams,” 1993; “Carousel Classics,” 1994; “Season of the Light,” 1997; “Little Gems,” 1999; “Soliloquy of the Soul,” and “Season of the Light,” a collection of Advent and Christmas Carols, 2008. Her critically acclaimed albums are featured on commercial stations and National Public Radio worldwide and online stations such as Pandora. Ms. Comune’s music has also been featured on the NBC Today Show.

Poetic, intimate solo piano music will never go out of style as long as there’s a talent like Comune to seduce the ivories” ~ New Age Retailer

Like her natural attraction to piano, Ms. Comune discovered composing young, at 8 years old, when she composed a piece intuitively to soothe her father after losing his Uncle. Ms. Comune continues write “bold and very moving,” and “imaginative and colorful” compositions for musicians at any level. Comune Music Press, founded in 2006, has published new works for Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced students and teachers, who “find fulfillment in listening, studying and playing them.”

998341_10201168545391332_1717413156_nWorks include: “Gealyn and Me”- (Fantasies for the Young), four piano duet, written in collaboration with her then 6-year old daughter; “Suite for Sleeping Beauty” for solo piano; ”Season of the Light” for piano with optional voice, violin and treble instruments; “Variations” for Piano on O God, Our Help in Ages Past (18th Century Hymn of William Croft) and “The Nightingale” for solo piano (based on the story by Hans Christian Anderson).

Ms. Comune has been inspiring the next generation of musicians since 1973 as a teacher, coach, judge and accompanist for hundreds of students, many receiving achievement awards and winning performance competitions. Past teaching posts include New England Conservatory of Music Preparatory School, Berklee College of Music, and her current post as a faculty member at Westminster Conservatory of Music, working with the Young Artist Program.

Carol’s new release is the single, “Reflections.” Listen and download at CD Baby.

Carol Comune creates a mass appeal contemporary instrumental music of the highest calibre. She has the rare ability to cross back-and-forth between classical, popular and original compositions to combine the best of all three genres in her own unforgettable, sophisticated, elegant style. – See more here.

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