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Eight – Music for Ascension CD by Dyan Garris

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Eight: Music for Ascension – On the list “The Top 100 Recordings of 2009” Eight – Music for Ascension CD by Dyan Garris is part of her “Spiritual Toolbox”  completes her series for Automatic Chakra Balance™ and vibrational attunement of mind,body, and spirit.    Ms. Garris will be releasing a new album in 2015, “Mystic’s […]

Dyan Garris New Age CDs


Dyan Garris’ soul-soothing  New Age CD series: These New Age CDs are part of Dyan’s Spiritual Toolbox™ and are meant to help bring the positive effects of music, guided meditation, self-healing, Automatic Chakra Balance™ and multi-dimensional vibrational attunement to all by merely following one simple instruction: Just listen. These are “New Age” CDs that help […]

1 Hour Relaxation Playlist

Music Video – IMA Award POP VOX Winner – New Age Song Category – “Mystic Sea”

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  • Listen and Buy: Terry Lee Nichols

    Music Video – “Floating” from Blue Landscapes II: Discoveries (Robert Thies & Damjan Krajacic)

    Music Video – LOGICAL DRIFT – The Americas: Angels of the Altiplano

    The short story behind the music and creators of Blue Landscapes. Featuring Blue Landscapes II: Discoveries