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Cheryl B. Engelhardt | Mother Gaia | Single Review by Dyan Garris

artworks- mother gaia coverMother Gaia by Cheryl B. Engelhardt | Single Review by Dyan Garris, New Age CD

There is nothing quite as soothing as a mother’s love. Mother’s love nurtures us and embraces in an unconditional blanket of comfort and peace. So it is with the very special new single, “Mother Gaia,” by Cheryl B. Engelhardt. Releasing on May 7, 2021, just prior to Mother’s Day this year, “Mother Gaia” is a tribute to all mothers everywhere.

The piece features 2020 Grammy® winner/s Joanie Leeds and Chava Mirelon (Best Children’s Album) on vocals. Cheryl played here on synths and the drum programming by J. Chris Griffin rounds out the mix of multi-layered, lush harmonies and adds to the already rich and luxurious feel. As well, we have deep and wonderful lyrics:

“Ripple Ripple through her blood
Breath behind the desert flood.
Rage of lightening, [sic] delicate nest,
In her shadows, we are blessed.”

One of the most soul-soothing songs you’ll ever hear, “Mother Gaia” is arranged by Cheryl and is beautifully constructed. This has a smooth as silk “in and out” flow all through. It’s like a flowing river of peace.  Gorgeous, and a beautiful ode to not only the soul of the planet, but to the spirit and essence of womanhood, which is perfectly captured and masterfully conveyed. It’s one of those songs you’d like to go on forever.

If you’ve never heard of Cheryl B. Engelhardt – or even if you have – you’ll undoubtedly want to check out the rest of her catalog and her merch. Her newest solo piano/ambient album, “Luminary,” hit #1 on Amazon and iTunes New Age charts. Definitely worth exploring.

More information:

Get “Mother Gaia” on May 7th here:

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