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Dana Cunningham | Homecoming | Review

“Homecoming: Songs of Comfort and Joy”HomecomingCOVER dana cunningham by Dana Cunningham

Album Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

The holidays have traditionally been a time for “homecomings;” friends and family returning to the nest for festive gatherings and exchanges of love and affection. This album, “Homecoming,” by renowned pianist and composer, Dana Cunningham, is offered in loving memory of Dana’s parents, Tejan and Ella Cunningham, who provided Dana with a loving environment. She is most fortunate for that blessed gift, as are we, the listener, for one result of that kind of foundation.

Even if this has not been your own life experience, as is the case for many, this gorgeous album invites you warmly and quite fully into that. And that’s exactly where you will want to be. So, come on in. . .

Dana studied piano at The Blair School of Music while completing her B.S. in Communication from Vanderbilt University. Her diverse influences include a Masters in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary, work at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, and a sabbatical at Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery, a Benedictine community near Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Originally from Texas, Dana now lives in the White Mountains of New Hampshire where she has released five critically acclaimed recordings.  She shares her musical offerings through concerts, retreats, and private solo and collaborative performances.

Here, on “Homecoming,” we have 12 tracks, 48 minutes of insanely beautiful, impeccably played, and marvelously arranged and produced music that is not just for the holiday season. I can say that all day long, but you will find that out for yourself when you have a listen. Dana is joined here on her piano performances by cellist, Max Dyer, and saxophonist, Mike Sakash, all creating a rich, dreamy, multi-colored tapestry that is not soon forgotten. And, actually, I have one word that could possibly just say it all: “Wow!”

The entire album – three original compositions and nine new arrangements of Christmas favorites – is an ultra-fresh perspective on what we might consider “traditional.” One can literally feel the comfort and joy seeping deeply into the soul. Here is a cozy blanket and an authentically loving embrace. This is not an illusion or simply rhetoric. It IS, indeed, like coming home, if not to something that would be considered “conventional,” then, to yourself. Stunningly beautiful in every way.

The album is available as a physical CD or digitally on all major online music platforms. Get it here:

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