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mystics nineMYSTIC’S NINE

Liner notes:

The mystical number 9. . .

Every album tells its own unique story in its own special way, just like a book. As well, music connects us to ourselves and to one another on an emotional body level like nothing else can. If we are listening, if we are feeling, everything speaks.

Mystic’s Nine is no exception.  Mystic’s Nine was several years in the making. In 2010, having finished the 12 CD series of music & meditation for vibrational attunement of mind, body, and spirit, & the creation of several other spiritual tools focused on helping humanity move forth in these challenging times, my thoughts and feelings were then guided in the direction of breaking out of that particular parameter; a reclaiming of my musical self, or perhaps all of my “selves” that had been previously focused elsewhere.

I am a classically trained pianist (and violinist) & longed to connect more freely in this regard with the music that resides in my soul. So with excitement I began the new journey. But, Spirit has its own ideas about timing, & it was not to be. In 2012 my husband had his first stroke. And more. Over the course of the next 4 years, life as we knew it was forever & irrevocably altered in every way. But through it all, we learned, grew, loved each other even more & completed with grace our earthly lifetime together.

The human body & spirit are way more resilient than we may even realize. Our capacity for love is utterly boundless. And in every moment we have a choice to bring joy and laughter into our lives no matter what the situation.

Mystic’s Nine is a chapter in a book, a small piece of an Akashic Record. Thank you for allowing me to share it with you now. It is decidedly uptempo. It is unbridled freedom. It is joy. It is triumph and victory over all adversity. More than anything, it is LOVE. It is my hope that you feel that and take it in, like a big, deep breath of fresh air, into your own spirit. ~ With love, joy, blessings, and immense gratitude to you ~ Dyan

Samples from Jeff Oster’s new album, REACH


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