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Gabriele Saro | Sensations Album Review by Dyan Garris

SensationSunnamed sensations album cover” by Gabriele Saro

Album Review by Dyan Garris, New Age CD, Zone Music Reporter, and “Spirit Seeker Magazine

“SensationS” is the 4th album release from award-winning multi-instrumentalist, Gabriele Saro. Hailing originally from Italy, at the age of 6, Gabriele reproduced on the piano the melodies he heard on television. “SensationS” is 15 tracks of incredibly romantic piano, violin, cello, all written, arranged, and produced by Gabriele. The album features Gabriele Saro on violin, Andrea del Piccolo on piano, and Francesco Pinosa on cello.

The song titles (and the songs themselves, of course), take us through a range of human emotions, all masterfully done.  “SensationS” is classical, yet freshly contemporary. And very, very romantic. You can’t help but feel this album throughout your whole body.

The album opens with the flowing and quite melodic “Morrow.” Piano, violin, and cello converse here in a sensual, sentimental, yet perhaps nostalgic, conversation that has 3 parts to it. Very beautiful. 

Following is “Stilness.” Notice there is only one “l.”  Is some part of “love” missing in the stillness? Perhaps. But nevertheless, it feels as if nothing could possibly be missing here. One is complete in the stillness. The piano here is gorgeous, as well as the profoundly emotional violin and rich cello.

There is something deeply relaxing to the spirit in “Bliss.” The violin here is amazing, and the song hits its mark for evoking feelings of happiness and bliss.

The passionate “Merriment” belies its title a bit, as it is a dramatic solo piano piece, bringing in the lower register of the piano quite effectively. Interesting and enjoyable. What I love here, and throughout the album, is the feeling of movement. This effectively creates various sensations that flow effortlessly through the body while you are embracing this musical experience.

“Enchantment” feels lighthearted, and again, flowing, melodic, and passionate. You know that almost indescribable feeling you have when you first meet somebody you’re excited about? This song perfectly captures those sentiments. The violin performance is exquisite here.

The very fun “Contrasts” takes us through a gamut of sensations and emotions, just as life does. It’s lively in places and quieter in others. Very nice! “Regrets” is a graceful, emotional piano solo. Contemplative and reflective. I feel like this reminds us on some level to feel and delve into your feelings, but don’t get stuck in them.

The beautiful “Accord” seems like it could be a great soundtrack. Again, the movement and flow here, and throughout the album, is breathtaking. The song encourages us to come to harmony and resolution. Lovely. 

We all have things that torment us, haunt us, in life. The song, “Torments,” doesn’t feel heavy, however. It’s light and elegant. The piano performance is superb here. “Chills” is another sensation to feel. This, and many of the other pieces, are designed into a few different musical movements inside the song, taking us through the feeling of multiple sensations within one song. Brilliant.

Nostalgia. We all have it at some point or another. We look back into the past and there we may find feelings of what might have been, could have been, or what once was . . . good or bad. “Nostalgia,” the song, feels quietly contemplative, wistful, but not horribly dark or melancholy.  Again, masterful musical performances here, all — piano, violin, and cello.

“Gracefulness” is one of my favorites on the album. The melody line is beautiful and memorable, tender, and yes, graceful. The violin is perfectly played and just as graceful. Cello adds to the richness. Beautifully beautiful.

With its “lullaby” quality, “Delicacy” is soul-soothing and relaxing. Piano and violin dance together smoothly in a soft, gentle way that opens our hearts. Love this.  “Liberty” perfectly evokes feelings of emotional freedom and expression. Cello, violin, and piano are all perfect partners in this free-flowing abundantly joyful sensation. 

Rounding out the album is the passionate “Serenity.” The piano is amazing here and takes the stage in the very beginning of the song. Violin enters in, adding to the passionate nature of the song. Cello joins, again adding deep warmth and richness to the sensations. And all three weave their magic that IS “SensationS.” The album is wonderfully expressive and full of all the joy that is life.

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