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The Haiku Project – Gratitude – Album Review by Dyan Garris

the-haiku-project-gratitude_3000The Haiku Project: Gratitude

Album Review by Dyan Garris for New Age CD, Zone Music Reporter, and “Spirit Seeker Magazine

“Gratitude” is exciting, authentic, ambient electronic music that beautifully and passionately expresses all there is to be grateful for in life. Rich, multi-dimensional, and very well done! – Dyan Garris

“Gratitude” is the 5th album from The Haiku Project, a.k.a., Henrik Hytteballe. Hailing from Denmark, Henrik is an incredibly talented musician, multi-instrumentalist, and composer, as well as a gifted painter, who not only paints on real canvas, but paints intricate soundscapes with his musical instruments as well. His music, like his paintings are rich, colorful, multi-layered, and multi-dimensional.

“Gratitude” is 10 tracks of ambient electronic music created from keyboard, synth, guitar, dudak, and cello. The music found here is exciting, and beautifully expresses and celebrates all there is to be grateful for in life. Before even knowing anything at all about Henrik, who at one time in life survived a severe traffic accident, one already senses through hearing and listening to this music, that he is genuinely grateful for life and shares that authenticity and optimism with us.

The album opens with “Choices,” which is a wonderful start to this album. I love the guitar here and the various percolating textures throughout. This is very engaging.

You know those magical moments found in the fading twilight? “Before Sunset” perfectly captures those with its light and bubbly ambiance, and the sultry duduk coming out to play. This is very fun and relaxing at the same time.  Scintillating, sparkly, and also light, with just the right touches of everything, “Another Spring,” is the perfect mix of keyboards and synths. This is a favorite on this album.

There’s an ethereal, natural flow to “I Receive,” which is nicely melodic and textured. This fine musical canvas invites us to open to receive all that life has to offer.

“Wide Open Space” is an optimistic piece where one can feel the spirit being uplifted, and where there are endless possibilities. Of course there are! The duduk at first leads us gently into these, and then the piece expands into even more.

Consistently representative of a peaceful, home-like sanctuary, Rivendell is a valley in Tolkien’s world of Middle Earth. The song, “Rivendell” here is also peaceful and ethereal, immediately calming the psyche. It’s another one to love on this album and come home to.

“My Life” is interesting, and both exhilarating and exciting. Whew! “Hummingbird” is another favorite, with a great beat. The rest of it perfectly captures both the beauty and flight of these gorgeous, special creatures. I really love this track. I think you will too.

A fjord is a long, narrow inlet that was created by a glacier, and has steep sides or cliffs. I love the guitar here, in “Fjord,” which gives the song a mysterious, intriguing feel. Wonderful build, flow, and movement. Great track!

The album closes out with the soul-soothing, 6-minute, title track, “Gratitude,” which is quieter, yet still full of life, and definitively reflective. “Gratitude” is a wonderful album that successfully reflects Henrik’s joy and deep gratitude for life. If you love authentic electronica, you will love this.

Available digitally only and wherever music is streamed/downloaded.


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