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Hopeful Bliss by Ronald Van Deurzen | Single Review

Hopeful Bliss - cover“Hopeful Bliss” by Ronald Van Deurzen

Single Review by New Age CD & New Age Notes Radio Staff

Ronald Van Deurzen is a Dutch composer and pianist with two New Age albums under his belt. He’s currently writing a 3rd. His new single, “Hopeful Bliss” is a cinematic, contemporary instrumental piece that is filled with optimism and hope.  The message here is that together as a collective, we can overcome any obstacles we may face, uplift ourselves, each other, and thus, our collective future.

The music is absolutely wonderful here, authentic in every regard, and the piece was nominated at the Hollywood Music In Media Awards (2021), for best New Age/Ambient song. “Hopeful Bliss” also won 1st place in the OMWR (One World Music Radio) Oneness Award (2020) representing hope for global harmony and peace. We can easily see why. The instrumentation is beautiful and varied; the violin is exquisite, as is piano, interwoven flute, percussion, and strings.

I really love the movement, build, and emotional passion in this song. I feel like this is Ronald’s best work to date. If this is a foreshadowing of more to come from this very talented artist, we can truly look forward to all that comes next.

“Hopeful Bliss” is everything the title promises. It’s one for everyone’s “feel good” playlist, and I suspect it will win many additional awards. Phenomenal.

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