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Joseph L Young | Into The Unknown | Album Review

Into The Unknown Front Cover medThis is the 6th album from talented multi-instrumentalist, Joseph L Young. “Into the Unknown” is eleven tracks, 55 minutes of “music without boundaries,” offering everyone a universal sound that all can enjoy and use for growth, change, and as a catalyst to transformation. How timely!

The compositions are a little out of the norm for the kind of music Joseph usually creates, so it’s a bit of a journey into the unknown for him as an artist as well. Here, Joseph performs on flutes, sax, keyboards, duduk, Vietnamese mouth harp, and udu. Altogether, the combination of interesting instrumentation and stellar production gives the album an exciting, exotic and yet, relaxing feel.

The album opens with the title track, which has a mysterious feel, setting the tone very well for the journey forward. “Remembrance of Time” follows, which is a favorite on this album. Ultra-relaxing, wonderfully played flute blends perfectly with guest artist (and co-writer of this piece), Lynn Tredeau’s piano, and the rest of the dreamy instrumentation. This is beautiful in every way.

The ethereal, other-worldly, “Enchanted,” draws us in immediately and further into the “journey.” The Chinese Xiao flute performance is outstanding here, as is the rest. Love this too, and it’s definitely one for the relaxation playlist. I found this rather trance inducing and in a good way.

We can’t address all 11 tracks here, but here are some other highlights: “Beyond the Horizon” is transportive and atmospheric with an engaging melody and a delightfully expansive feel. Low Whistle, combined with a lovely melody line, strings, and more, give “Between Worlds,” a gently flowing feeling. Again, another, indeed, for the relaxation/meditation playlist. I truly love the way Joseph plays each instrument impeccably with sensitive grace and elegance, but his flute and saxophone playing are first rate. Yes, all very nicely done.

“Transcendence” has another engaging melody line atop some gently percolating electronica, the whole thing feeling very forward moving. Very soft, whispery interspersed vocals and sweet sax give this an otherworldly vibe as well.

This outstanding album closes out with, “Ancestral Crossings,” which is another super-relaxing piece. Sultry instrumentation takes us back, back through time, to a place once remembered. You will undoubtedly want to get the whole album. It’s a truly excellent journey. And now you know.

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