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Kerani – Sands of Time – Album Review by Dyan Garris

Kerani - Sands of Time - Album coverSands of Time” by Kerani

Album Review by Dyan Garris, Zone Music Reporter (ZMR), New Age CD, and “Spirit Seeker Magazine

“Outrageously gorgeous, This is the unparalleled excellence of a true artist.” – Dyan Garris


Kerani is an award-winning composer, arranger, and producer of symphonic New Age music. She lives in the Netherlands, where she and her husband run Kerani Music Studio, a recording and multimedia production studio.

The music on “Sands of Time,” one of her many albums, is inspired by Greek mythology, and here she brings forth the more beautiful elements and concepts of life, such as love, beauty, light, and wisdom. “Sands of Time” is 11 tracks and 61 minutes of peaceful, elegant, quite eloquent, and memorable music.  

The album opens with the beautiful title track, “Sands of Time.” Relaxing and flowing, this is gorgeous, and gently epic and cinematic. This is followed by the equally beautiful, “Shores of Gold,” which is flowing, melodic, and very soothing to the soul. I love the ocean sounds at the end and I also love the way her piano mixes so smoothly with the symphonic elements. This is the unparalleled excellence of a true artist. There is something about this music and all its subtle elements – present on every track – which speaks so expressively of quiet power and the love and beauty that surrounds us at all times.  

“When the Night Comes,” is exquisite and melodic, with that same gentle, yet epic power which never forces, only flows effortlessly into and from our heart-space.  This one is a favorite.

Ethereal, smooth, “Echoes of the Past” features gently interwoven divine vocals by Davinia Van der Zee-Kropivšek. The flute by Helen Hendriks adds another magnificent layer to this intricate tapestry. The stings and string arrangements are superb. Oh my. . .just magnificent.


“Endless Skies” opens up new vistas. Expansive, with that quiet, yet powerful feeling that we have here throughout, this is atmospherically spacious, again elegant, and so soothing to the soul that I can’t even describe it. This is 8 minutes of serenity where you can feel your spirits soar into infinity and perhaps beyond.


Love is the most quietly powerful element in the universe, and something that withstands the sands of time like nothing else does. “The Touch of Love – Prelude” gives us a mystical doorway into that realm of real love. And this, of course, is followed by “The Touch of Love,” which is so heart-touching as to be completely unforgettable in the course of this lifetime and whatever comes next. Simply outstanding.


“The Philosopher” is contemplative and melodic, with wonderful piano speaking to our hearts, beautiful symphonics, and just a brilliant expression of life.

Life here on this planet is made up of moments of beauty if we choose to see things that way. The track, “Moments of Beauty,” invites us to remember such things. Gentle piano tells us this story, ethereal vocals, and more, lead us so gently into full appreciation of life.

The road to wisdom in this lifetime is often paved with challenging lessons. The track, “Road to Wisdom,” is dramatic and cinematic, yet again, flowing and elegant at the same time. I love the way how everything on this album just fits together so nicely seemingly without effort, including this kind of “wisdom,” which may represent a hard-fought battle for many. Just beautiful, truly.

The album closes out with the melodic, cinematic, symphonic, and lovely, “Muse,” which I believe reminds us that we are not alone on this journey of love. Of course we are not, and we are left with a feeling of oneness and remembrance of the joy of being alive.

Do yourself a favor and get this entire album. It’s an hour of reconnecting to love and life that is beautiful beyond anything I could ever say.

“Sands of Time” is available as a physical CD as well as digitally, available on all streaming platforms.

Listen/get it here:


All music composed and orchestrated by Kerani
Piano & synthesizers performed by Kerani
Guitars performed by Max Jeschek
Silver flute performed by Helen Hendriks
String ensemble: Kremi Stevens-Mineva (v1) / Alina Lin Merx-Jong (v2) / Linda Custers (viola) / Joep Willems and Anna Ágnes Nagy (cello)
Vocals performed by Davinia Van der Zee-Kropivšek
Sound design & engineering by Arno Op den Camp Recorded at KERANI MUSIC STUDIO, Stein – Netherlands




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