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Kim Angelis – Passages – Album Review by Dyan Garris

“Passages” by Kim AngelisPassagesCover copy Kim angelis

Album Review by Dyan Garris, New Age CD, Zone Music Reporter, and Spirit Seeker Magazine

For violin lovers everywhere, “Passages” is true brilliance. Kim’s violin artistry brings an unparalleled “aliveness” to the instrument. The music is timeless and eternal, better than ever, and brimming with passionate life force and the joy of living.  —Dyan Garris

She’s back! “Passages” is the long-awaited album from violin virtuoso, Kim Angelis. Kim is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning violin virtuoso and composer.  It’s been a long nine years since Kim released an album.

A series of trials and tribulations, reaching a crescendo over the past three years, including her husband’s debilitating illness, and her own, prevented this music from being born. That’s a long time. But Kim found strength in her Christian faith to face these trials, knowing she would, with God’s help, prevail in the end. And she has.

During that tumultuous time, the music may have been temporarily “gone,” but was never forgotten. Kim’s strong faith brought her across the rough waters, and now her spirit and her awesome musical talent comes through stronger than ever.

Such is the nature of faith. And such is the power of this music. It’s timeless and eternal, resurrected, better than ever, and full of life force and the joy of living.

Joining Kim on “Passages” is  talented group of guest artists, including Mitch Foreman on piano, JP Mourao on guitars, Jimmy Johnson on bass, Will Philips on percussion, Carol Robbins on classical harp, Jimmy Mahlis on oud, Brandon Fields on flute and clarinet, and Elliot “Dadisi” Bergman on kalimba.

The music on “Passages” ranges from fiery and passionate to the sweet and charming, as well as then to wistful and haunting. Every track on “Passages” is sincere and heartfelt and encompasses the vast array of human emotions.   

The album opens with the almost 8-minute “Lavender Farm.” From the very first notes, we know we are in for a beautiful treat. This is a melodic melody, a wonderful, soul-stirring piece — a journey — with exquisite, delicate, dreamy piano and rich violin playing so well with each other in perfect harmony. As it continues, this piece is exuberant and exciting, with flowing movement that carries us so effortlessly into the song and deeper into the journey. This song was inspired by the Painted Lady Lavender farm located on the Washington coast. Passionate and joyful, we are there.

“Sweet Botswana” was inspired by travel to this African country at the invitation of Boabab School. We can feel our spirits lift immediately with this almost Celtic feeling, uplifting, and harmoniously memorable tune. Sweet, indeed.

A little quieter mood, heartfelt, and poignant, “Wait Until Summer” was written in March 2018. At this point, Kim had completed two chemotherapy sessions for breast cancer, and had four remaining. At this time, she was unable to play the violin at all. But she also knew, that come summer, she’d be playing again. We can feel the deep emotions and resilience present here. Such an amazing picture painted with soundscapes; our hearts literally feel her heart. So beautiful.

“The Promise” speaks profoundly to Kim’s faith. In life, we have moments of joy and peace, as well as moments of tribulation. Faith can bring us through. This song is a wonderful 9-minute juxtaposition of meaningful moments in life, whether they are joyfully pleasant or challenging. Very brilliant this is.  I feel like her awesome violin virtuoso really shines through here.

A promise of victory over adversity as addressed in Scripture (Isaiah 40:3), is the inspiration for the song, “Eagles.” “Those who trust in the LORD will renew their strength; they will soar on wings like eagles. . .”  Soaring like eagles is perfectly depicted in this uplifting song. We feel light and free. Wonderful, truly wonderful.

Anyone who has ever been led astray by GPS will appreciate the song, “Lost and Found.” Although it has spiritual connotations, the song is also about literally being led deep into the wilderness by GPS and only a paper map could help find the way out. I love the feeling of adventure here. Fun and upbeat, it’s one that makes you want to dance. This is a favorite on the album.

“Longing” is the only song on the album not written by Kim. Inspired by a melody she learned while performing in China in 2014, she slowed the original down a bit and added some of her own touches and material in the middle. This is quite enchanting, and the melody is haunting and memorable.

The thoroughly enjoyable, “Tango de Paco” is a loving tribute to her dogs. This one in particular, is about her “dancing” collie, Paco. What a flowing, dramatic, dynamic tango! Again, Kim’s masterful violin virtuoso truly shines through. Full of life, dazzling, and brilliant — and especially so, if you really understand all she’s been through in the last several years. I really love this one. I think you will too.

The album closes out with “Sequoias (Resurrected).” There is no more perfect ending to this amazingly beautiful album than this fresh, new rendition of a song Kim first recorded 20 years ago. This song represents a life restored. And now, we feel restored as well. Yes, perfect.

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