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Louis Anthony deLise | A Gift of Moments

Cover 1500x1500 a gift of moments louis anthony deliseA Gift Of Moments” by Louis Anthony deLise

Album Review by Dyan Garris for New Age CD, Zone Music Reporter, and “Spirit Seeker Magazine

“A Gift Of Moments” is a gorgeous gift of love from the depths of Louis Anthony deLise’s soul to ours. Extraordinarily beautiful and sensitive piano along with exquisite string arrangements, each and every note will remind you of the love you are and the gift of every moment you are alive. – Dyan Garris

Louis Anthony deLise emerged onto the “New Age” scene with his first album, “Natural Light,” in 2019. How well I remember this, because when I first listened to that album, I found myself literally brought to tears by its beauty and grace. “Natural Light” went on to be nominated for several awards and achieved a top 10 chart position on Zone Music Reporter (ZMR).  Louis is releasing his 2nd album in this space on April 16, 2021. However, one of his intentions with “A Gift Of Moments” is to “blur the arbitrary boundaries of genre classification. . .” He succeeds. “A Gift Of Moments” will simply remind you of the love you are and the gift of every moment you are alive. That is the gift here. It’s all about the love.

A little background about Louis, and then we will dig more fully into this gorgeous new album:  Hailing originally from Philadelphia, Louis Anthony deLise is an award-winning American composer, pianist, and percussionist. He began his music studies at the age of six.  He has had a rich and multi-faceted career which has included not only working as an orchestral and studio musician, but also producing, arranging, and conducting for dozens of major label recordings. For example, he has arranged and conducted orchestras on two charting albums for Grammy® winner, Patti LaBelle, arranged for Grammy® winner, Peter Nero, and arranged and conducted for the Grammy® winning band, Halestorm.  Dr. deLise was Adjunct Lecturer of Theory and Composition at the Boyer College of Music and Dance in Philadelphia. He is also the author of The Professional Songwriter, a textbook on songwriting.

The album, “A Gift Of Moments,” was gestated in the lockdown period that we all experienced in 2020. Louis performed and recorded most of it himself and he wrote every note that his guest artists performed. A lot of very good music came out of that period. This album is beyond that. It’s magical.

Now, let’s delve: Here, we have 10 tracks and 37-1/2 minutes of flowing elegance that will deeply touch both your heart and your spirit.  The album opens with the title track.  Soft, graceful, and flowing piano mixes with deep cello. Truly touching and heart-opening, this is the perfect beginning. Following is a favorite, “Always In My Heart.” The exquisite string arrangements and orchestration are captivating, as is the enchanting piano melody. And the production is just superb. This is just beautiful in every single way.

“A Time for Peace” is also flowing and quite gentle, written for piano and cello. Again, we have top-drawer string arrangements. All feels so effortless here, and the song is velvety-soft and peaceful. Perfect. This is followed by “All Alone.” A piano solo, this is composed and played with great sensitivity, I believe this expresses exactly what we were all feeling in the depths of our souls in the lockdown period.

“The Heart Of An Angel” is a truly wonderful piano and orchestral piece with a cinematic feel, which is not ostentatious in any way. This is so relaxing, melodic, tranquil, and again, magical in some indefinable way. Angelic and calming, this has a piano melody that will stick with you long after the song is over. Perhaps one way to describe it is you’ll feel as if you’ve been sprinkled with angel sparkles. I did. This is quite rejuvenating to the soul, and one to listen to again and again.

The piano solo, “In The Before Times (February 2020),” speaks to the last time any of us knew “normal.” This is 5 minutes of peace. “Gentle Heart” is an ultra-relaxing and sweet conversation between piano and cello that feels nostalgic and loving. Simply exquisite. A wonderfully heart-felt piano solo, “A song For My Children,” reminds us how precious family really is. I love this.

What we do, say, and who we are ripples out and affects all. “Ripples On The Pond” is a piano and orchestral piece that completely and effectively captures that sentiment.  This is sophisticated and tranquil with outstanding orchestration that includes sweet flute. Gorgeous again.

The album closes out with “The End Of The Tunnel.” Scintillating piano mixes beautifully with alto flute and excellent orchestration. We have come to the end of the album, but we definitely do not want it to end. I think you will want to get the whole thing.  “A Gift Of Moments” is polished, refined, sophisticated, and just extraordinary in every way.

“A Gift Of Moments” (available both digitally and as a physical CD), releases on April 16, 2021. Listen and order the album here:

Official artist website:

Piano sheet music published by Metropolis Music Publishers:

Music Credits:
Louis Anthony deLise: Piano, percussion
John McMurtery: Flute and alto flute soloist
Vivian Barton Dozor: Cello soloist
Igor Szwec, and Gregory Teperman: Violins
Ellen Trainer: Viola
Natasha Jaffe: Cello
Elizabeth de Lise: Acoustic guitar
Christine Hansen: Flute


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