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“Love Flows” by The Song Gardeners | Single Review by Dyan Garris

Love Flows cover art sm“Love Flows” by The Song Gardeners

Single Review by Dyan Garris, New Age CD

In these challenging times, wouldn’t you love to be able to drop effortlessly into a hypnotic, meditative state? “Love Flows,” a single release (June 18, 2020), by The Song Gardeners, written by Mary Gospe and produced and mixed by David Scheibner, is a “chill” mantra song that invites listeners to do just this. Here you can experience deep peace. Who doesn’t need that right now?

The Song Gardeners is a musical trio from the San Francisco Bay Area featuring singer/songwriter Corrie Dunn (vocals, piano, guitar), singer/songwriter Mary Gospe (vocals, guitar, flute), and Chris Day (bass). Their original songs are filled with positive, empowering messages and beautiful harmonies. The band’s motto is “love.” Yes, we can tell.  “Love Flows” has a very healing, loving quality to it.

Beautiful and calming vocals here sung by Mary Gospe and backing vocals by Corrie Dunn, bring us into a state of harmony and peace from the get-go. Sweet flute adds perfectly to the mood. This is just over 4 minutes of “mantric” serenity. And it’s where we all need to be.  You will feel yourself simply surrendering to the tranquility. This is wonderful, timely, healing energy to the planet. Irresistible, compelling, and flowing with peace and love.

“In the peace and calm, love flows to all
In the peace and calm, love flows

And in this stillness, may you be blessed
Comforted in times of chaos and stress
Held safely in arms of tenderness
Warmed by love’s gentle caress. . .”

The beautiful cover photo for “Love Flows” is by Chris Day. Seems like another invitation. Let’s all go there.

Get “Love Flows” here: or wherever music is streamed/downloaded

 Be sure to watch the gorgeous video, available to the public June 18:

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℗ ©2020 Mary Gospe / Honey Spun Records.  Lyrics and Music by Mary P. Gospe. ©2020 Zach Gospe Music Publishing (ASCAP). Mary Gospe: lead & back vox, flute. Corrie Dunn: piano & back vox. Additional guitars by David Scheibner


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