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Lynn Tredeau | Reflection | Album Review

ALBUM ART - Lynn Tredeau - ReflectionReflection by Lynn Tredeau

Album Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

In my opinion, Lynn Tredeau is one of the New Age genre’s best solo-pianists of our day. Her newest album, “Reflection,” is a calming, soothing collection of 12 tracks of quiet music for reflection upon past, present, and future. And it seems we find ourselves at the perfect time to do so, more now than perhaps at any other.

Lynn’s musical journey began at the young age of 6, when her parents surprised her with the gift of a piano.  By age 16, Lynn had publicly performed jazz guitar, flute, clarinet, saxophone, pipe organ, and “most prominently, classical piano, with a command and dexterity that far exceeded her years.” So, here we have someone who clearly was born to be a musician. Her skills on the piano are evident here on “Reflection,” and all her other albums and compositions as well. She plays and composes with an elegance and grace that is both memorable and distinctive. Now, let’s delve into this beautiful album:

The album opens with the gently flowing, “Tide Pools.” Just with the melody line alone, Lynn has perfectly portrayed this “soundscape.” And here we are led gently into the ambiance. Following is the melodic, wistful, “Someday, Somehow.” One of the things that strikes you about Lynn’s musical artistry, along with the grace of it all, is her perfect cadence. Here, there is more than enough spaciousness and graciousness to truly reflect. I really love this.

What would the rain say if it could speak? “What The Rain Said,” again, gives us a great platform for reflection of all kinds. This is quite pretty and tranquil. “Dreaming Tree” is brief, yet lusciously dreamy, again creating space for our mind, body, and spirit to completely calm down and regroup from the chaos of the world.

Some other highlights of this gorgeous piano album: I love the melody and flow of “Aspens of Targhee Mountain.” Truly relaxing and stress relieving, as is “The Passing of Time.” “Nomad” is pleasant, dreamy, and gently moving. It’s another favorite.

Peaceful and serene, “The Road to There,” takes us on a soft and soothing sojourn, with wonderful balance between upper and lower piano registers. And here again, as throughout, we are invited to simply reflect upon our journey.

This thoroughly enjoyable album closes out wonderfully with, “Celebration.” Passionate and emotionally evocative, but never overly so, this is optimistic and uplifting, as well as the perfect close. Solo piano lovers will definitely want to get the entire album. Lynn’s music stays with you long after the album is over. Simply and authentically beautiful in every way.

Pre-order now. Release date: June 10, 2022. Available on all major digital streaming platforms.

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