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Michael Kollwitz | Best of Serenity | Album Review

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Album Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

Now what in the world could be better than more serenity? We certainly all need it. Solo Chapman Stick® player, Michael Kollwitz, has released a new album, “Best of Serenity.” This is 15 tracks of utter tranquility encompassing the best of the “Serenity” series in one place. Gotta love it.

Michael Kollwitz is a Sedona, Arizona based award-winning, Billboard charting musician and an award-winning Toastmaster. I remember when he began releasing these Serenity albums starting in 2017. I remember, along with so many others, being completely enchanted with these very peaceful, ground-breaking sounds, which seem even more captivating today if that is possible. The album is timely, to be sure.

A few years back, most people had never even heard of the Chapman Stick® and Michael is one of the few who has brought the instrument to the forefront, especially in the “New Age” genre. He has definitely mastered this interesting and daunting instrument, which is an innovative cross between a guitar, bass, keyboard, and percussive instrument, among other things. To compose on it and play it well, as Michael does, takes some quite impressive musical talent.

This is why Michael went on to attract listeners and fans worldwide and even made the Billboard charts. (“Serenity II” debuted at #8 on the Billboard New Age chart and “Serenity III” charted at #2 and #3 there).  His soul-soothing compositions can be heard daily on airlines, in spas, and in 1,200 hospitals worldwide through the CARE Channel.

This year, he published the book, “Stick With It – Adventures of a Chapman Stick Player,” to chronicle the early years of The Stick® and his lifelong friendship with the late Emmett Chapman, the inventor of the instrument. The book is available in several formats, including audio-book format, on Amazon and is definitely worth the read or the listen, so you can get the full picture.

I love the tracks Michael has chosen for this album. It’s a smooth, easy flow from one to the next. The album opens with “Sunday Morning,” which has a very mellow, peaceful day vibe that is the perfect start to this most serene album. “Soft Forest” draws us further into the peace and from there, we just don’t want to leave. So, don’t. Stay on to enjoy one hour of ultimate calm with tracks such as “Simple Pleasures,” “Warm Lasting Embrace,” Mystic Vista,” Wrapped in Love,” “Welcome Home,” and more. You will find yourself feeling like you’re on a restful vacation, coming back refreshed and renewed.

This is some of THE most relaxing, tranquil, uplifting music you will ever hear. Great for general relaxation, massage, meditation, yoga, and the healing modalities, “Best of Serenity” is an outstanding “must-have” collection of soul-soothing instrumentals that seep softly into your soul and will stay with you long after the music stops.

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