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Michael Whalen | Our April Tigers | Review

“Our April Tigers” by Michael Whalen41V48L0H1ZL._UX358_FMwebp_QL85_ our april tigers album cover (Feat. Michael Manring, Michael Brook, Jeff Oster, and Karsh Kale)

Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

“Two words: Creative genius.” – Dyan Garris

The new album release from Emmy® Award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist, Michael Whalen, is an amazing collaboration between Michael and four other world-renowned artists. Bassist Michael Manring, guitarist, Michael Brook, trumpeter Jeff Oster, and percussionist/remixer Karsh Kale join Michael on “Our April Tigers” for this high-level musical collaboration.  Here we have 7 instrumental tracks, adding up to about a half hour, which defy genre, in an engaging and emotive album.

The album opens with the wonderful, “Over Water,” which is decidedly chill and evokes imagery of gazing out upon an endless horizon, where the water meets the sky, and perhaps from high above. Be sure to watch the thought-provoking video for this piece:

Following is the exhilarating “Disappear.” With its world beat, synth, voices, bass, guitar, and horns, this is fast paced and exciting, perhaps like the “jungle” of a city where one may be able to seemingly disappear. Definitely interesting in all regards.

One of my favorites here is the uplifting “Morning Bell.” Jeff Oster’s horns give an especially mystical, hypnotic feel to the percolating piece. Good morning! Be sure to watch the music video:

There’s a definite “heartbeat” in the fun and funky “Visceral Organ.” The Earth is alive, we are alive, and it feels like we should celebrate, or at the very least get up and dance. There is a lot to like here.

“So Fragile” is another to immediately like in every respect. A bit softer and quite haunting, we are reminded of the delicate nature of things here. The piece has a grounded bass and an overall balance that invites us to move into an easy equilibrium.

A favorite on this album is the very beautiful, “Hope Haunts.” The guitar is excellent here – as is all else – and this has a natural, flowing grace about it that gives it that completely effortless and timeless feel.

The brief album closes out with the multi-faceted “Temporality.” Temporality is an interesting concept where past, present, and future all come together, as well as in some instances referring to how humans perceive sound.  So, this is the perfect close in a multitude of ways. Flawless percussion, driving beat, brilliant synth, great guitar and bass, and those haunting horns add up to dynamic and creative genius.

With its lush, textured arrangements and impeccable production values, the album is a true testament to the musical talent and creative vision of these five composers and musicians. Overall, Michael Whalen’s “Our April Tigers” is a must-listen for fans of contemporary instrumental music and for anyone who appreciates the power of music to move and inspire.

Release Date: April 21, 2023

Get it here:
Available on all digital platforms + limited edition CDs
Publicity contact: Mark Gorney – Phone: 510.665.4211- Email: [email protected]
Radio: Dave Sanford – Email: [email protected]
Official artist website and more information:

Michael Whalen: Keyboards, electronics
Michael Manring: Basses, devices
Michael Brook: Guitars, devices
Jeff Oster: Flugelhorn, trumpet
Karsh Kale: Percussives, samples
Produced and mixed by: Michael Whalen
All music composed & arranged by: Michael Whalen, Jeff Oster, Michael Manring, Michael Brook, Karsh Kale.
Mastered by: Tom Eaton

Publicity: Mark Gorney @ Worldisc (415) 461-8380
Radio: Dave Sanford @ Distiller Promo ds@distillerprom

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