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Michele McLaughlin | Memoirs | Album Review by Dyan Garris

Memoirs cover 3000x3000 michele mclaughlinMemoirs by Michele McLaughlin

Album Review by Dyan Garris for Zone Music Reporter and New Age

To be in love is a good place to be. To be in love with life is a good place to be. To be able to paint amazingly vivid musical soundscapes from a blank canvas no matter where you are is a true gift. To pour that love out onto the world is a blessing for us all.

Michele McLaughlin, one of the most successful recording artists in the New Age solo piano genre, with over one billion streams on Pandora, has released her nineteenth album, “Memoirs.”  And like her other albums, it is, indeed, a blessing to us all.

“Memoirs” is a collection of twelve original piano compositions (“stories”), that she released as singles over the last eighteen months. As well, most of the songs have their own official video. A celebration and reflection upon the beauty of life in all its ups and downs, each single release tells a story. Each is like an insightful vignette of the different places and spaces we find ourselves in while traveling on our journey.

In true Michele McLaughlin style, the music on the album is captivating, emotionally evocative, peaceful, and relaxing.  Opening the album is “Thankful,” which is a joyful, upbeat, well-composed song about being grateful and giving thanks for all the bountiful good in life. “Pure Joy” follows as a celebration of happiness and sharing love with another person. Just beautiful.

Magical and mysterious, “Dark Moon” paints a picture of the beauty of the light of the softly glowing moon low on the horizon.  I really like “Triumph,” a song about not giving up on your dreams. It’s like a sweet, flowing lullaby with a heartfelt, hopeful quality. The enchanting “Little Love” is a super joyful, melodic tune. Speaking to the joy of having a beautiful being of love and light come into your life, this is as sweet as sweet can be.  Authentic and fresh, there is nothing saccharine about it.  

A standout on this album, and my favorite, is the tender, elegant, graceful love song, “My Life With You.” A loving dedication to the happy place Michele is in right now in her life, this is masterfully composed and played. And whether you’re in love or not, you will be sure to feel your heart opening when you listen to this song. It gave me chills.

“Beneath The Surface” is a little darker passionate piece about all the sea life and activity that goes on underneath the surface of our world in our oceans.  With skillful use of upper and lower piano registers, Michele perfectly conveys the magic and movement of that mysterious world that lies beneath.

The emotionally stirring, “Alone,” is a song about being lonely.  With a quiet ambiance, it’s not necessarily melancholy. It’s poignant. And I like the way this is composed/played with spaces in between.  Impeccable pacing and totally from the heart.  

There is beauty in everything, even a cold, icy winter landscape. The slow, deep, “Winter,” reminds us that no matter how things look in the moment we can always look forward to the spring.

Another standout on “Memoirs,” is the spectacular “Northern Lights.” Through Michele’s piano mastery, we are transported right there to gaze in wonder at the phenomenon known as the aurora borealis. This, as well as this song, begins as a small flicker, then grows into an extraordinary light show, before returning to a flicker and disappearing into the night sky.

“Peace,” also found on Michele’s album, “Christmas – Plain & Simple III,” conveys utter calm and serenity to the spirit.   Again, here we have Michele’s perfect pacing and confident, yet velvety touch, and we are reminded that with genuine loving kindness toward one another and open hearts we can achieve unity and peace.  This is hope and serenity in a world seemingly gone mad.

The album closes out with the very interesting “Dismissed.” The heavy use of the deep lower register conveys the despair of a lonely street performer yearning for an audience who appreciates her.  Passionate and moving, I think it’s artistically brilliant. Be sure to watch the video too. 

Michele’s gift of “musical storytelling” is par excellence. Inspiring, moving, and simply lovely, “Memoirs” is another crowning accomplishment for Michele McLaughlin, destined to be a huge success.  

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