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Michelle Qureshi – Within – Album Review by Dyan Garris

michelle-qureshi-within_3000“Within” by Michelle Qureshi | Album Review by Dyan Garris for Zone Music Reporter (ZMR), New Age CD, and “Spirit Seeker Magazine

Pretty without as well as within; pretty all through. – Dyan Garris

Award-winning guitarist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, Michelle Qureshi’s new album, “Within,” her first album releasing on the myndstream label on September 25, 2020, on all streaming platforms, is 24 tracks – yes, 24 – of very relaxing, ultra-soothing solo guitar. The music on “Within” is contemporary, yet timeless. 

There is something really heartfelt and connective about each and every track on this album. The music expresses in a very gentle way, a gamut of emotions that we all feel inside. These are small snippets, slivers, of our humanity that we can all identify with and invites us to our gentle side.  Titles like “With Hesitation,” “With Knowing,” and “With Hope,” “With Hesitation,” With Certainty,” give us the full flavor of this flowing musical tapestry.

The album opens with the soothing “Above Us.” There is much to love here, and there is a reverent feel about this piece, without being ostentatious in any way. There is absolutely no pretention here whatsoever in any of these pieces. All are brief, wit the exception of “Waiting for a Friend,” which is 4:14.

“Above Us” is followed by “With Joy,” which is gently joyful. All are melodic, with that gentleness shining through beautifully. “With Courage” is short at 1:13, but effective.  “Sweet Child” is just that, sweet, loving, and calming.

It is completely impossible to pick a favorite here. Can’t do it. I will mention some tracks that really spoke to me, but one should get the whole album for the full relaxation experience. “With Anticipation” is gently uplifting. In “With Knowing” one is a little less hesitant and has picked a definitive direction.  “Shores of Atlantis” is full of beautiful, perfect pacing and up and down movement. Wonderful reverb here, adding to the relaxation ambiance.  

“Afternoon in May” is flowing and melodic and quite calming. “With Hope” is optimistic and uplifting, as expected from the title. I feel like I just can’t say enough good things about the whole album, which is a complete relaxation “experience” in the tranquility zone.

The album closes out with the serene, “With Tenderness.” Again, perfect pacing, and that ubiquitous gentleness that is found throughout, lead us out and back into the light of your spirit. So very beautiful, all, including the cover art.

Again, releasing on all streaming platforms on September 25, 2020. Do, for your inner and effortless peace, get the entire thing.

Listen here:

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