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Peter Phippen, Ivar Lunde, Jr., and Tiit Raid – Seven – Album Review


61SUnxr7x7L._SS500Peter Phippen, Ivar Lunde, Jr., and Tiit Raid – Seven

Album review by Dyan Garris, New Age

The album “Seven” is a unique musical collaboration between Peter Phippen, Ivar Lunde, Jr., and Tiit Raid. If you’re attuned to having a deeply meditative, reflective, trance inducing, Zen musical experience, the album “Seven is definitely one for you.

“Seven” is forty-five minutes of total “Zen-Zen” in seven tracks.  It’s free-form, peaceful, and ambient, making very good use of some interesting and different instruments than one normally hears. It’s minimalistic, yet complex at the same time. And it’s guaranteed to put you into a whole different space than the one you’re in.

A Grammy® nominated flute artist, Peter, as of this writing, has recorded fifteen albums, been in seven compilations, and has appeared as a guest artist on twelve albums. On the album “Seven,” he plays the desert flute, shakuhachi, bamboo flute, bamboo fife, and quenacho. Ivar Lunde, Jr. appears here on piano, guzheng, and oboe da caccia. Tiit Raid contributes his artistry to the mix on berimbau, kannel, gongs, drum, thunder tube, chimes, and voice.

Part of what makes a really great artist a master in any genre is the ability to step out of their preconceived box and allow true artistry to flow. “Seven” is a bit out of the box, showcases engaging artistry between these three collaborators, and is delivered with grace, beauty, and improvisational panache. “Seven” is creative and captivating, ambient, and deeply meditative.

Here we have seven tracks, each titled “One” through “Seven.” The album opens, of course, with, “One,” which is just over seven minutes of deep relaxation, drawing us slowly and profoundly into the mood and back into connection with our soul. This track features desert flute, gongs, and guzheng, also known as the “Chinese zither,” which is an ancient, sixteen-string Chinese instrument.

“Two” features piano, shakuhachi, thunder tube, and chimes. This is a fascinating song with unusual sounds, leading one even deeper into the Zen experience.

The oboe de caccia and bamboo flute together on “Three,” create a reflective, haunting kind of tune. It’s likeable, and a personal favorite.  The Native American vibe on “Five” is brings us back into deeply meditative state after the more vibrant mood of “Four.”  “Six” is my ultimate favorite on the album. I found this deeply peaceful with the plaintive flute melody mixing well with the guzheng and soft gong sounds.  “Seven” is another composition that is soul-soothing and contemplative.  Gentle and ultra-relaxing it’s the perfect ending to this fascinating album.

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