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Peter Phippen, Victoria Shoemaker, Brian Reidinger | Apparitions, Dreams, and Imaginings – Album Review

PSR-Apparitions-FrontCover-page-001 (1)Apparitions, Dreams, and Imaginings by Peter Phippen, Victoria Shoemaker, Brian Reidinger

Album Review by Dyan Garris for New Age CD, Zone Music Reporter, and “Spirit Seeker Magazine.”

The cover of this album is so different and interesting, we can’t help but wonder what’s in here. So, let’s find out.

“Apparitions, Dreams, and Imaginings” is the fabulous collaboration between the renowned Grammy® nominated, flutist/multi-instrumentalist, Peter Phippen, award-winning flutist, Victoria Shoemaker, and the accomplished drummer, composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Brian Reidinger.

The album is long, 70 minutes and 6 tracks of improvisation, recorded in the late evening hours, and calls upon the “whispers of the night, flowing with the pulse of Mother Earth.” I will go with that. It does.

The music features numerous and different kinds of flutes, a variety of drums, plus rattles, shakers, and other percussion, piano, keyboard textures, along with some exotic instrumentation, such as the Xavier Quijas Yxayotl Aztec Death Whistle. Sounds scary, eh?

I’m not sure how they did it (masters of their instruments, I would say), but there’s nothing bizarre or frightening about any track on this most relaxing and peaceful album. It’s perfect for sleeping, meditation, or just zoning out. I love it.

One could indeed have very vivid “imaginings” while listening to this album. Every track feels like an effortless reconnection to Earth, sky, and the spirit deep within. It’s a compelling, mesmerizing call to just remember who you are.

It’s very reverent. And it’s very beautiful. The flute melodies are enticing and enchanting. The drumbeats are all wonderful and grounding. The intricacies are sumptuous. The production is first-rate. There’s a rare synergy here in this album that one can’t necessarily define. Rather magical.

This is a completely captivating album all through. And although the tracks themselves are each long and deeply satisfying, with “Transcendence” being the longest at just over 14 minutes, the whole album as one unit is even more so. I cannot pick a favorite. I won’t even try. For the full experience, get the whole thing. Outstanding.

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