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Peter Sterling

Peter Sterling : Hailing from West Los Angeles, the colorful journey and true spirit of Peter Sterling, #1 charting, multiple award nominated harpist, sound healer, and angelic troubadour, shines brightly through not only from his stunningly beautiful stained glass “Portals of Light” creations, but through his multi-layered, multi-dimensional music where one could swear they hear the angels themselves.

“Comforting,” “relaxing,” and “soothing,” are words that fall far too flat to describe Peter’s richly hued musical compositions that are so interestingly ethereal they strike a familiar chord deep within your very soul. Truly, Peter’s music is of the angels. Have a look and listen:

Angel’s of Light: Crystal and Stained Glass Visions for Meditation by Peter Sterling. Music is “Circles of Light” by Peter Sterling

A collection of images of Peter Sterling’s stained glass windows looking through the Crystal Prism. Crystal Prism is a hexagonal reflective digital camera effect which creates mirror images in beautiful 6 sided star patterns. Many hidden beings are revealed thru the textures of glass and crystal. Like holograms each image contains many beings and coded information thru the sacred geometry. Sit back,relax and enjoy the beautiful images, music and colors. “Circles of Light” was recorded on location in the crop circles of Wiltshire, England.

Peter Sterling's book:  Hearing the Angels Sing: A True Story of Angelic Assistance

Includes over 70 minutes of Peter’s best loved songs on the companion audio CD. Here, he has compiled a special mix of his sweetest melodies. For the full effect listen to the music as you read the book.

From southern California to the ski slopes of Aspen, Colorado, to the mystical canyons of Sedona, Arizona, to the other side of the planet, Australia, many points in between, and back to California, Peter Sterling’s journey has not been boring or insipid. His full (and courageously candid, even in this day and age) story of angelic encounters and assistance can be found in his book, “Hearing the Angels Sing.” (Publisher, Light Technology Publications). As I was listening to Peter’s music, I noticed a distinct Grecian flavor coursing through many of the songs. So I was not surprised then to discover why in this Chapter 7 excerpt, The Disk of Phaistos.

But even without reading the book or the excerpt we’ve included here, through his music and stained glass artistry, one can begin to get a good sense of this engaging, multi-faceted old soul, who undoubtedly communed with high angelic beings in some other lifetime. We are blessed that some part of him remembers and brings forth this healing vibrational music to us now.

Twilight Serenade: Music for Dreaming. #1 on ZMR international radio chart for September, 2015.

Twilight Serenade: Music for Dreaming. #1 on ZMR international radio chart for September, 2015.

His latest CD is “Twilight Serenade, which charted #1 on Zone Music Reporter billboard in September, 2015.

Another of Peter’s new offerings is “Visions of Paradise: Music for Healing.” This is is a 33 minute DVD and audio CD that features music from his CD “Center of the Circle” with additional Solfeggio vibro-acoustic frequencies for a full body sound vibration massage. Lovely imagery of tropical paradise, Buddha gardens, crop circles and underwater dolphin and whale dances take you on a magical journey of peace, relaxation, and lucid dreaming.

To find out more about Peter Sterling, you can visit his website, aptly named “Harp Magic,. There, you can listen to his music, explore his other offerings, and buy directly from his website, which is aptly named, Harp Magic.”

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