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Sonya Haramis | Return of the Soul | EP Review

Return of the Soul CD Album Cover from Sonya HaramisReturn of the Soul” by Sonya Haramis

EP Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

To me, as I’m sure to you, a rose signifies many different things. Here, in Sonya Haramis’ debut New Age album, it is about a blossoming, an awakening, an opening, and a return to yourself and to oneness. How beautiful then, for album art to be as gorgeous as is this music, which we will delve into. But, first, who is Sonya?

Sonya Haramis, M.Ed., is a musician and an award-winning author of inspirational books and action-adventure wisdom stories. She is a storyteller who weaves ancient wisdom into modern stories, showing us that we can find our power within and around us, and that even when we feel broken, there is always hope.

Sonya’s first three books won nine national book awards as well as endorsements from Deepak Chopra, James Redfield, Dr. John Gray, Midwest Book Review, and others.

Music was always part of Sonya’s life, from dancing and piano lessons as a child, to disappearing into beautiful music while meditating, walking, or writing, so her EP is not a surprise. Now, here we have seven tracks, some of them very brief, but all very soothing and serene and all done on a lovely synth. I would call it “classic / traditional New Age.”

The EP opens with the brief title track, which is mainly droning/drumming synth, which sets the tone for all that comes next. This is followed by “The Celestial Light Body,” which is longer at 5-1/2 minutes. Tranquility abounds in this traditional “New Age” piece which feels very peaceful and full of light.

“Celestial Divine Mind” is a continuation of the peaceful calm that one can literally feel seeping deeply into their soul. This one brings you into a state of harmony and oneness right from the start. We can feel the expansion and “blossoming” as well. Very nicely done.

Angelic in tone and feel, with pretty nature sounds throughout, the 3-minute “Celestial Winged Spirit” brings us effortlessly into alignment with the higher realms. No complaints about the brief length, however, as it feels longer than it is and it’s just perfect.

The very soft rain and bird sounds in “Raining Feather” continue to ease and coax the soul into a state of lovely bliss and create a space for comfort and healing. “Dancing Clouds” is a lovely, peaceful continuation of this where one can just completely relax.

The 26-minute EP closes out with the very brief, “Radiant Pulse,” which with its underlying heartbeat rhythm and soft, sweet synth, succeeds in bringing us full circle back to the oneness that we are.

Brimming with love, you will want to get the whole thing for the full relaxation experience, not just one song.

Official artist website:

Available on all major streaming platforms, including Pandora, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal and others around the world. Physical CDs are available from Amazon, New Leaf Distributing, and CD Baby.


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