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Terry Lee Nichols | Finding Annie | Review of Single

White Modern Minimalist Someone Album Cover - 1“Finding Annie” by Terry Lee Nichols

Single Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

Terry Lee Nichols is an award-winning composer and performer known for his captivating piano compositions. Terry Lee has a way of effortlessly weaving emotions into his music, creating pieces that resonate with listeners on deep levels.

His piano music is a fusion between classical, cinematic, and “New Age,” imbued with modern touches that make his compositions feel both familiar and at the same time refreshingly new. The notes always seem to dance effortlessly, telling stories and touching the heart without the need for any words. There’s a certain timeless quality to Terry’s artistry. It’s the kind of piano music that transcends genre boundaries and speaks deeply to the soul.

“Finding Annie” is Terry Lee’s latest single from his upcoming album, “Love Is. . .” Listeners will find great solace in this ultra-soothing, romantic piece. There is a breathtakingly beautiful and delicate balance here between simplicity and complexity. There’s also a meditative quality to the music that invites introspection. And it’s as if each note is a graceful brushstroke on a canvas, creating a sonic masterpiece that paints emotions in vibrant and yet subtle musical hues.

Some of the most beautiful piano music you will ever hear, there is an understated elegance and sophistication in “Finding Annie,” which is instantly calming and comforting. With a gorgeous melody that will stick with you, and perfectly played with all its intricacies, this is a testament to the power of Terry Lee’s instrumental artistry. Gorgeous in every single way. Love is. . .this.

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