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terry-lee-nicholsOur Featured Artist is: TERRY LEE NICHOLS

Terry Lee Nichols is a Florida based, classically trained composer and multi-instrumentalist. He specializes in New Age, cinematic, and adult contemporary music.

Since he was 4 years old, music has been an important part of his life. In Junior High School, he played the trombone in the school band, began taking piano lessons, and also played banjo and tenor saxophone. Before high school, he played the piano, guitar, and banjo.

At Florida State University, he was a music composition major with piano as his primary instrument. He became exposed to contemporary classical music while studying under Dr. Harold Schiffman. He holds an MFA in Music Composition and Theory.

Terry also studied at California Institute of the Arts under Stephen “Lucky” Mosko and Morton Subotnick. There he became exposed to world music, studying gamelan and South Indian Sarali.

While attending college in Los Angeles, he composed music for a number of national commercials while serving as an apprentice to Randy Van Horne and Nathan Scott, scoring documentary films, television shows and movies. During this time in Los Angeles, he also became interested in the use of computers and music at the CalArts electronic music lab.

When he left California to work on his Ph.D. at Brandeis University in Massachusetts, he discovered that his interest in technology and music began to converge, although he opted at that time to go the technology/enterprise software route instead of the following the music and his initial dream of becoming a music professor.

What he did discover during that time, however, was that his musical training and innate ability to reduce musical components down to their basic elements helped him tremendously in developing his ability to grasp and work with complex systems and thousands of lines of computer code. He subsequently opened his own successful software company, which he eventually sold.

Music is, was, and remains Terry’s biggest passion in life.

His debut album, “At Peace Beneath the Shade of My Father’s Tree,” was nominated for a 2016 Zone Music Reporter award: Best Neo-Classical Album. The album is 17 tracks as a cinematic soundscape and a reflection of his life and life events.

His new release, with Rebekah Eden, is “We have only come to dream. . . ” Other credits on the album include: Philip Spevak, poet, Sherry Finzer, award winning flutist, Hekembe Eichelberger , Mezzo-Soprano, Dr. James W. Norris, historical background research, Gordon Davies, engineer, Salley Gardens, and Dan Edminster, vocal track recording engineer.

Read New Age CD’s review of “We have only come to dream. . .” here. The music on this album is gorgeous, big, stunningly beautiful, and largely cinematic.

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The unique talent of singer/composer/producer Rebekah Eden crosses all musical boundaries and defies categorization. Since 1987, her shimmering soprano of 3-1/2 octaves has been thrilling audiences around the world in repertoire as diverse as opera, avant-garde and classical song, but especially in her own compositions, which leave audiences deeply moved by their poignant sacredness. Indeed, Rebekah often asks her audiences not to applaud, but instead revel in the transcendental stillness her chant-like songs evoke. Critics have called her performances “gorgeous” and “majestic.” Her own music —shape-shifting layers of polyphonic melismas— has been described as “A Score for the Divine.”

Inspired by all of life’s challenges, Rebekah continues to be drawn to themes of love, home, heart and purpose. Her albums to date comprise four CDs: The Path of Gold, which can be heard on the soundtrack of the critically acclaimed film, The Conductor (Edgewood Pictures, NYC, 2000); the angelic special edition album, Invocation, co-produced with Academy Award winner Donny Markowitz, which debuted at London’s Kensington Town Hall; Three Songs for the Journey, inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel The Hobbit; and Rowing In Eden (2016) which was released to stellar reviews, garnering nominations for Best Vocal Album of 2016 (ZMR Awards, One World Music Radio Awards) and placed in the top 10 on the New Age/World Music radio airplay charts.

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