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MONDAY, MAY 13, 2013 - Todd Mosby is an Indian Jazz Guitarist, composer, author and educator. ©Photo by Jerry Naunheim Jr.

Todd Mosby is an Indian Jazz Guitarist, composer, author and educator.
©Photo by Jerry Naunheim Jr.

Todd Mosby is an American composer, guitarist and recording artist embodying the musical philosophies and traditions of Traditional Jazz, Classical North India and Classical Composition with immersive studies in each of these disciplines.

His musical DNA springs from roots in folk, bluegrass and pop rock.

He tours performing arts centers across America such as Montalvo Arts, Kravis Center, Soka University, The Harris Center, Prius Hall, Polsky Theater to name a few.

Mosby performs with Todd Mosby New Horizons Ensemble, founding member of Jazz India, touring and recording artist with guitar super group Will Ackerman Four Guitars, performs solo as Todd Mosby Wood & Steel and offers educational outreach.

Jazz India, a new ensemble founded by Mosby as an outlet for his classical North Indian training, Jazz training and bridge instrument Imrat Guitar. The ensemble presented its debut concert concert August 17 at 1st Congregational church of Webster to a packed house. Together with Seema Kasthuri, Prasana Kasthuri they share a musical lineage with the late, great Ustad Imrat Khan and create an exciting musical form which crosses both mountains of east West music cultures.


A 2x Global Music awardee, Mosby’s music is broadcast worldwide and has been nominated for numerous ZMR, Global Peace Song and One World Music awards and has made the Grammy® ballots and is a Grammy® voter.

His 13 year study of classical North Indian music with his neighbor and guru-ji Ustadt Imrat Khan led to the development of acoustic and electric versions of the Imratguitar, a hybrid sitar-guitar bridge instrument for crossing musical platforms and cultures.

Todd is the only guitarist ever admitted into the famed Imdad Khani Gharana of sitar musicians dating back 500 years to Tan-Sen and the Mogule courts.

Acclaimed guitarist Todd Mosby and his band New Horizons Ensemble play Friday at the Sky Music Lounge in St. Louis. ©Photo by Jerry Naunheim Jr.

Acclaimed guitarist Todd Mosby and his band New Horizons Ensemble play Friday at the Sky Music Lounge in St. Louis.
©Photo by Jerry Naunheim Jr.

“The Imrat Guitar has allowed me develop a compositional style based on Classical North Indian raga and tradition bebop jazz.” ~ Todd Mosby

Imrat Khan considers Mosby to be one of the few who have mastered the two great mountains of music; North Indian Raga music and Western music and is considered an excellent jazz guitarist by his peers and mentors Mike Stern and Gary Burton.

Todd Mosby is a seeker and learner who believes in the transformative power of music, exploring a life of creative purposefulness, sharing knowledge and innovations along the way—in all his pursuits, that’s his missive.


“Open Waters is one of the best project I have been involved with…Todd Mosby is the most unique sounding guitarist I have ever worked with, nobody does what he does.” — Will Ackerman, Founder Windham Hill Records

“Todd has the ability to create wonderfully evocative music, even if he’s only playing a few notes, and his remarkable vision will take you on a journey to places both thrilling and serene.”  — Michael Manring – Grammy Nominated Bass Legend

“A Stunning album that’s takes us instantly to another place, another country and a sensation of open water, vast with wide skies. The journey shares stories of ‘other places’, places we may not have visited but somehow feel familiar.”  — Fiona Joy Hawkins, ZMR & Grammy winning Australian Pianist, Composer and Singer


Todd is working on a new collaboration with classical North Indian vocalist Seema Kasthuri for an upcoming concert event at the Ghandi Center in Saint Louis, Missouri this Fall. One other venue is in the works TBA as well for the Fall 2019 season.

Rehearsals have already started and the music being generated is very exciting, dynamic, cross cultural and incredibly beautiful. Seema’s husband Guru Prasanna Kasthuri will accompany with some katak dance as well on one piece.

Todd first met Seema and Prasanna at Ustadt Imrat Khan’s house as they were both studying music at the time. Later, he was asked by Prasanna to partake in one of the more memorable music events of his life, accompanying Katak dance and tap dance in a concert performance along side Seema and an incredible tabla player.

Stay tuned….


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