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thumbnail wayne album coverWAYNE BETHANIS is an award-winning piano recording artist, composer, and media personality. Wayne began formal classical training at the age of five and was considered a music prodigy with a lively, relatable personality, Early exposure to the world’s great piano repertoire, as well as memorable international performances throughout his young life, resulted in several advanced degrees in music, including a conservatory piano degree and a Ph.D. in Music while still in his twenties.

After just four albums released, Wayne is now considered a luminary in the Contemporary Instrumental New Age music scene. He is widely recognized as one of the most creative and original talents in the piano world, while maintaining a broad-based appeal to mainstream audiences.

His songs are known for their joyous stirring spirit, soaring melodies and evocative emotional tone. Possessing a world-class piano technique has elevated Wayne’s arrangements to the highest level, thrilling concert audiences with great piano playing and the sheer beauty of his music.

thumbnail wayne bethanisHis album, “Measures of Light,” was the most highly awarded album in the industry, garnering worldwide praise and acclaim from every major international platform. Known for his beautiful melodies, breathtaking arrangements and engaging stage persona, Wayne has performed his chart-topping songs and albums on several television and radio shows and venues around the world.

Wayne Bethanis has enjoyed countless awards and accolades and many top-performing albums and singles on charts and radio stations around the world.


Spotify Milestone Award
2021 Piano Album of the Year (“Measures of Light”) One World Music Awards
2021 Piano Album of the Year (“Measures of Light”) New Age Music Guide
Best Performing Piano Album (“Measures of Light”) New Age Music Charts
2021 International Oneness Award: These Years
2020 Piano Single of the Year (Return of the Cherokee) One World Music Awards
2020 Winner (Return of the Cherokee) Native American Music Awards
2019 International Oneness Award: Song for a New World
2019 Single of the Year, (Tribes of the City) One Word Music Awards
People’s Choice Award (nominated) 2017-2021 World Music Awards
2017 Best Piano Album (Hero’s Lullaby) (nominated) One World Music Awards
Countless nominations etc.



Won the Native American Music Award in 2020 for his composition “Return of the Cherokee”
Interviewed Holocaust Survivor Robert Clary on The Wayne Bethanis TV Show receiving international acclaim and archiving at museums and libraries around the world, including the Holocaust Museum, Tel Aviv.
Wayne’s song “Pure Heaven” featured prominently on the #1 album “A New Beginning,” benefiting Doctors Without Borders
Wayne Bethanis’ song “An American Hymn” is played widely at American celebrations, memorials, and inaugurations.
Many more career highlights.

The Wayne Zone

Wayne Bethanis has appeared on talk shows, radio shows and podcasts worldwide. Wayne’s New Age Radio Show, The WayneZone, is internationally broadcast and is big hit on the airwaves, featuring interviews with groundbreaking New Age musicians and artists.  “The Wayne Zone” consistently ranks in Mixcloud’s Top Fifty New Age shows worldwide. The show’s motto: “Music Is The New Medicine” sets the stage for each episode. Great music, keys to life, and conscious expansion make this the most innovative show on radio. The WayneZone is carried internationally on One World Music Radio.

The Wayne Bethanis Show

Produced in Los Angeles, California, “The Wayne Bethanis Show” is a blend of music, comedy, and celebrity interviews, showcasing engaging interactions with many accomplished persons and performers.

Wayne’s New Album:

thumbnail wayne album coverWayne’s new album, “Listen,” was released in October, 2022. More information at his official artist website:

Our album review here.

Get “Listen” here:

Listen. by Wayne Bethanis
Available at
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