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Can Music Balance Your Chakras?


Can Music Balance Your Chakras? by Dyan Garris:  As Robert Lawlor once wrote in Sacred Geometry, “Both our organs of perception and the phenomenal world we perceive seem to be best understood as systems of pure pattern, or as geometric structures of form and proportion. Therefore, when many ancient cultures chose to examine reality through the metaphors of geometry and music they were already very close to the position of our most contemporary science.” Interesting and profound if you think of things this way, isn’t it?

The musical scale, constructed on the harmonics of sacred geometry, and now discovered to exist within the framework of crop circles and throughout nature, as in what is known as the Fibonaci Sequence, represents the mathematical structure of the soul of the world because it embodies the essence of the universe modeled on it.

So indeed, the answer is, “Yes, music can balance your chakras.” Very simply put, chakras are “centers” that house certain energies. Just as teeth are part of our physical body, and have a specific purpose, chakras are part of our body. And each has a specific function. Our emotional body, our “aura,” our chakras, are located in our “etheric body;” that body which we cannot see in the way we can see, feel, and touch our actual physical body, but which is there and affects us on a daily basis nonetheless.

chakra-balancing-LEvery note in the musical scale corresponds to a chakra. Every chakra has a frequency it responds to. And “sound healing” although once perceived perhaps as “New Age out there,” is now an accepted, viable, and proven form of integrative healing. Vibration and sound are very powerful tools. The sound, frequency, and vibration of musical notes and music reverberates through the body, thus easily facilitating the release of what is stuck.

One of the reasons this can happen is that music works on an “etheric body” level. That is to say that we do not process music with our linear minds. Rather, we feel music and respond to it with our emotions. And this is important because our emotions can get stuck, buried, and repressed over the years. Starting from when we’re young, we are many times taught to “stuff” our emotions down, as in “boys shouldn’t cry,” rather than to become the master of them, i.e., taught to transmute that energy. But our emotions have to go somewhere. They are destined to get stuck if they don’t come out in some form of expression. Music – both playing it and listening to it – can help us get those emotions up and out. Music is capable of both transporting us to a different space and time and keeping our energy fields/chakras balanced and healthy.

Chakra balancing is not hard or difficult to learn. (See “Increasing Prosperity with Chakra Balance.”) We want our chakras balanced because having them so makes life go so much smoother than if they aren’t. And this is true even if we aren’t aware of that fact. It’s much like having notes and chords working together in a flow. Harmony definitely makes a much better song than dissonance.

Article by Dyan Garris Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved.

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