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Sangeeta Kaur | Compassion | Album Review by Dyan Garris

sangeeta compassion Cover 1800x1800Compassion by Sangeeta Saur

Album Review by Dyan Garris for Zone Music Reporter and New Age CD

Uplifting, joyful, and inspiring, the music on “Compassion” lifts us gently, delicately, and expertly into a whole other universe. A truly amazing album from start to finish.  Dyan Garris

“Compassion” is Sangeeta Kaur’s fourth New Age/Classical Crossover album, presenting fresh collaborations with the Hungarian Studio Orchestra, Hungarian Studio Choir, and the Sterling Ensemble, which help elevate her already angelic soprano vocals to heavenly levels. The album is an astonishingly beautiful recording of outstanding performances and deep emotional expression that comes straight from the heart.

Sangeeta Kaur (Teresa Mai), is a Vietnamese American, a trained opera singer, mantra singer, producer and Global Peace Song Awards 2016 winner. She is a sound artist who is inspired to bring healing and awakening to the world through music and yoga. Her musical artistry aligns classical opera training with Kundalini yoga, (she’s a Kundalini yoga instructor), and a deeply personal Tibetan Buddhist practice. Sangeeta is committed to creating and “sharing music that uplifts and inspires the soul.”

Sangeeta was musically trained at California State University of Long Beach Music School as well as at The Boston Conservatory of Music, with focuses in both Opera and Voice. She has performed many different operatic roles throughout the United States and Europe. Her love for mantra music began when she met her spiritual teachers in New York City, who then guided her toward the practice and studies of Tibetan Buddhism, Kundalini Yoga, Yoga of Lady Niguma and the Yoga of Sound and Mantra.

“Compassion” was co-produced by Sangeeta Kaur and renowned composer and producer, Nicolas Neidhardt. Much of the music was co-written by the pair.  The album was recorded and mixed by Gerhard Joost and mastered by Gavin Lurssen at Lurssen Mastering. It was also recorded at East West Studios and The Village Studios and mixed at Groove Mountain Studios.

The host of impressive musical talent on “Compassion” (full credits below), includes, MB Gordy, GRAMMY®-winning percussionist, Eru Matsumoto, GRAMMY®-nominated electric and acoustic cellist, Jacqueline Marshall on harp, and Mark Gorman on bass.  Nicolas Neidhardt is also featured again on the album on piano and keyboard, while Duy Tran and Danaë Vlasse contribute their talents in choral writing.

The 10-track album opens with “Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha,” music co-written by Sangeeta and Nicolas Neidhardt. This is an ancient mantra associated with Tara, and in particular, Green Tara, who is considered to be the mother of all Buddhas. Green Tara is typically portrayed as a being of great compassion, who offers comfort and protection from the misery and sufferings of this world. This mantra assists with relationship blockages, and as well, it invokes assistance with and liberation from negative emotions and perceptions which may blind us to true freedom. This is not only for the benefit of one individual, but for the benefit of all beings. It is compassion poured out onto the world. With the heavenly choir behind and impeccable percussion, this track is outstandingly divine. Amazingly resplendent in every regard.

The very beautiful “Rise Up” follows. The music was again co-written by Sangeeta and Nicolas Neidhardt, with the uplifting, straightforward lyrics written by Sangeeta. The flawless and angelic choir here, plus the harp composition and performance by Danaë Vlasse add a celestial touch to an already sublime piece. We can feel the bliss reverberate throughout our entire body.

“Transcendence” is a favorite, showcasing Sangeeta’s vocal talent and operatic training. This is multi-textured, multi-layered, and hauntingly beautiful. Here we are able to transcend just about everything without effort.

Co-arranged by Sangeeta Kaur and Nicolas Neidhardt, with the original song and lyrics by Mike Heron (Incredible String Band (1968)), “May the Long Time Sun,” is an enchanting, hypnotic soundscape with superior production.  And there is just something about the way Sangeeta sings that makes everything in the world seem completely easy and effortless. Very enjoyable.

 The music on “Song of Compassion” was co-written by Danaë Vlasse and Sangeeta Kaur, with lyrics by Sangeeta Kaur. The song features GRAMMY®-winning soprano Hila Plitmann on vocals along with Sangeeta. Together, their two voices almost form a tuning fork. You can feel this “tuning” gently vibrating through every chakra and throughout your aura, in fact, expanding your consciousness without even trying.  Danaë adds her crystal singing bowls here, and the choir, plus outstanding percussion at just the right times, all add to the healing feeling. This is “Wow!” I am almost speechless with the beauty of this composition. Masterfully done, and the vibration of love emanating here is like a warm and heavenly blanket. Good thing, because this one gave me chills.  Astoundingly, outrageously beautiful.

The Tibetan Buddhist mantra, “Om Vajra Sattva Hum,” is the mantra of the bodhisattva, Vajrasattva in Tibetan Buddhism. Vajrasattva’s mantra is a potent purification mantra that invokes the mind-streams of all the Buddhas. It purifies the body, speech, and mind. This is gorgeous, with the orchestra adding layers of intrigue and deep multi-texture. Again, Sangeeta’s gift of voice is a gift to us all. Another masterful song on this album.

I think “We Are One” comes from somewhere beyond this planet. The beauty here is almost incomprehensible and beyond anything that can be described in mere words, at least by me.  You’re going to have to hear it for yourself. Yes, this is from somewhere else, and takes completely out of ourselves and into the oneness that we ARE. It’s even beyond the “I AM,” as far as I’m concerned.  Truly transcendent and transformative, and I think, transfixed and in awe, I must have listened to it repeatedly. Yes, I did. I’m reasonably certain you will feel that way too.

Now, how could this even get any better? The Kundalini yoga mantra, Sa Re Sa Sa,” forms the song of the same name. Again, the music is co-written by Sangeeta Kaur and Nicolas Neidhardt.  This mantra removes negativity from deep within, awakening your “infinite creative” energy.  It helps burn away obstacles that are blocking the way to achieving higher consciousness. It also gives you the capacity to master communication and become clearer and more impactful with your words, as well as bringing a profound sense of peace to the spirit.  Here is the mantra: Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Rung, Har Re Har Har, Har Re Har Har, Har Re Har Har, Har Rung.”  Beautiful and truly peaceful.

“Voices and Crystals” is an improvisation between Sangeeta and Hila Plitmann using crystal singing bowls and their voices. The Kundalini yoga mantra is “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo,” which means “I bow to the creator and the divine teacher within.” This is calming, centering, and has that ethereal, “other-worldly” dimensionality.  And again, I find their voices together to have a tuning fork effect. This is mesmerizing and truly angelic.

This astoundingly beautiful album closes out with “Voices of Compassion” which is a chorus medley; a selection of choral highlights from “Compassion,” bringing things full circle. This is a perfect ending in every way.  

And, I’m wondering. . . is there an inter-galactic GRAMMY® Award? Because this one has my vote. “Compassion” is an essential experience for everyone.

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Full Credits:
Sangeeta Kaur: Vocals and crystal singing bowls
Nicolas Neidhardt: Piano and keyboard
MB Gordy:  GRAMMY®-winning percussions (recorded at Riot Drum Studio with Lucas Fehring engineer)
Eru Matsumoto: GRAMMY®-nominated electric and acoustic cellist
Jacqueline Marshall: Harp
Mark Gorman: Bass
Hila Plitmann: GRAMMY®-winning singer feat. on tracks 5 and 9
Hungarian Studio Orchestra, conducted by Sandor M. Josza
Hungarian Studio Choir, conducted by Sandor M. Josza feat. on tracks: 1, 2, 3, 7, 8 and 10
Sterling Ensemble, conducted by Michelle Jensen feat. on tracks: 4, 5, 6 & 10
Choral Composition by Danaë Vlasse on tracks: 1, 2, 5, 8 & 10
Choral Composition by Duy Tran on tracks: 3, 4, 6 & 10
Harp Composition by Danaë Vlasse on tracks: 1 & 2

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