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Scott Cossu | Memories of Water and Light | Album Review by Dyan Garris

Scott Cossu Memories of Water and Light COVERMEMORIES OF WATER AND LIGHT by Scott Cossu

Album Review by Dyan Garris for Zone Music Reporter and New Age CD

‘Memories of Water and Light’ washes over you like soft, silky, healing water. This is music that will effortlessly refresh and renew your spirit. – Dyan Garris

One of the grandfathers of the New Age music scene, composer, recording artist, and New Age pianist, Scott Cossu, began recording in 1978. “Memories of Water and Light,” a piano-based, contemporary instrumental album, is Scott’s 16th recording, and 2nd release on the Heart Dance Records label. It was composed with the purpose of creating a sense of peace and heartfelt emotion in the listener. The CD more than attains its mark.

This new recording is a collection of relaxing, silky-smooth compositions that bring the importance of family and friends to the heart-space.  These 10 songs represent love for all life’s important memories and moments, both past and present.  Guitarist, Van Manakas and cellist, Holly Reeves, join Scott on the album adding wonderful texture and depth.

The album opens with the flowing “Wedding Lanterns,” an ultra-beautiful song written for his daughter’s wedding, which immediately, from the first few notes, evokes a warm, soft glow that emanates throughout the song. And this glow continues throughout the entire album, in fact. The love, light, and hope pours out of this composition and onto all of us. How beautiful.  Holly’s cello adds another layer of richness to the wonderful piano performance, as does Van’s guitar performance.  This is like warm, velvety smooth chocolate.   

The title track follows. This is an upbeat and just as beautiful track. The guitar here reminds me of Ottmar Liebert. The cello plays quite nicely with the piano. We can feel the vibrancy of both the light and water, subtly renewing our life force.

Wouldn’t you love to be in this family? “Cerulean Eyes” was written for Scott’s wife. What a gorgeous tribute to what I suspect are beautifully azure eyes. . .the windows to the soul.  This is clear, calming, and ultra-relaxing.

“Follow Your Heart” flows right into our heart-space and reminds us gently to keep an open heart through life so as to be able to hear it and then follow. The piano is superb. Just beautiful.

Deep cello along with soft piano begins “Here With You.” Gentle guitar enters in and we are taken to a tender, romantic place where love is love and we are free to just BE. I really love this one. It’s all about the love.

The lovely and melodic “Makena” puts us into such a relaxing space, we don’t want to come back. This is one to completely drift out on. It’s just like those multiple, softly glowing lanterns floating on the water that we see on the album cover.  Buttery smooth. Yes, feel free to float out.

“Luminoso” is luminous. Excellent guitar and cello, along with the flowing piano, make this another awesomely glowing light.  This song flows like water in a fountain, cascading and free. Wonderful.

Written as a precious memory of friends and fellow musicians who have passed on over the past few years, “Ascending Angels,” reminds us to treasure those who have touched our heart. This is tender, poignant, and memorable, just as our most cherished memories are as well.

Here is another favorite, “Lucid Watercolors.” Our life here could be described in this way. This song is excellent and feels like a wonderfully flowing dream. I really love the guitar here, and the cello is as magnificent as the piano. Really, really nice.

At the end of the day, or the end of our journey here, is a quiet, peaceful space perfect for contemplation and reflection upon past, present, and perhaps what comes next. “Last Snow” perfectly creates this sacred space. Lovely song. And lovely is this flowing, light-filled album. After listening, every part of you will feel refreshed and renewed.

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