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Liquid Mind XIII – Mindfulness – Album Review by Dyan Garris

Mindfulness cover copyLiquid Mind XIII – Mindfulness

Album Review by Dyan Garris for Zone Music Reporter (ZMR), New Age CD, and “Spirit Seeker Magazine

“An effortlessly flowing river of calm, perfect for sinking gently into total relaxation.”  – Dyan Garris

From the very first notes of “Liquid Mind XIII – Mindfulness” you know you’re listening to some of the most deeply relaxing, calming music available on this planet today.

“Mindfulness” is effortless, masterful, soothing, electronica that is perfect for calming the mind and body, total relaxation, deep meditation, massage, peaceful sleep, help in sleeping, and more.  

Over an hour of “liquid” peace, the album is written, produced, and recorded by Liquid Mind® composer Chuck Wild. Chuck is a 40-year music industry veteran, who is well-known for his work with Michael Jackson, Frank Zappa, The Pointer Sisters, and Earth Wind & Fire’s Philip Bailey. He has also written songs and cues for over 150 television shows and films.

This is the 16th album from Liquid Mind®, and opens with the 10 minute “In the Arms of Love.” Believe me, you will immediately feel cradled and comforted, and indeed, fully embraced in the arms of love. So, so beautiful. This is true tranquility on steroids.  

Following is the 11-1/2 minute “A Calm Heart.” Aptly titled, I love the quite subtle binaural beats that seem to be here, but perhaps are not, rather like an effortless heartbeat. This song is like a gentle rolling wave that washes softly over your body and soul, removing and completely washing away any traces of stress that may be there.  

“The Wisdom of Kindness” is 10-1/2 minutes of pure bliss. This has such an angelic quality to it, it’s as if we can hear the angels themselves lulling us ever so gently into peaceful, loving kindness. It’s a favorite on this album, and you will definitely feel the palatable peace in your heart.  Outstanding.

Supremely effective for mindfulness is the 12-1/2 minute, “A Gentle Mind.” Here we can feel our whole mind and body completely relax and release. This is effortless, flowing beauty, as is the entire album. Absolutely perfect for quieting down the conscious mind, the mind chatter, and sinking deeply into total relaxation.

“Life in the Slow Lane” is wonderfully grounding and utterly heavenly at the very same time. Here we easily and smoothly just float into a much more peaceful state without even trying. Seamless, and serenely graceful.

The album closes out with the title track, “Mindfulness,” which is almost 9-1/2 minutes. Even tempered, yet also epic, this is, again, so peaceful, so tranquil, so “liquid” and flowing — like every song on this album — that we feel our worries and concerns of this earthly life simply dissolve into complete nothingness.

“Mindfulness” by Liquid Mind® is one of the best relaxation albums out there and is a “must have” for anyone needing to relax. I think that’s just about everyone. Yep. You’ll want to get the whole album.

Available digitally only wherever music is sold/streamed.

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