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David Nevue | In the Soft Light of Grace | Album Review by Dyan Garris

Album Review In the Soft Light of Grace by David NevueIn the Soft Light of Grace
by David Nevue 

Album review by Dyan Garris for Zone Music Reporter and New Age CD

“In the Soft Light of Grace” is music that gently washes over you like warm ocean waves lapping up to softly kiss you with unforgettable magnificence. It is alive. It is authentic. It IS grace.

 Grace is a concept that runs deeply through many religions. On a spiritual level, it has been said that it is by the grace of God we are blessed. And “grace” can also be defined as “simple elegance or refinement of movement.” In David Nevue’s album, “In the Soft Light of Grace,” we have exactly that.

After fifteen albums and a four-year hiatus, the award-winning David Nevue returns to the forefront of the solo piano genre with this sixteenth album comprised of thirteen new compositions. The music is soft, relaxing, yet passionate, wonderfully flowing, and “grace-full.”

David is the creator of the Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio Internet radio station, exclusively featuring the music of solo piano artists. He created this network in the early 2000s when there weren’t many radio stations broadcasting solo piano, and therefore, not a lot of outlets to get his music, and the solo piano genre, out there and embraced. He was included in a recent Rolling Stone article, as being at the very top of this field, along with a handful of other super successful solo piano artists in this niche.

That said, I suspect I am perhaps one of few people on the planet that have never had the pleasure of listening to any of David Nevue’s solo piano works, at least not knowingly. But with such a distinctive style and a highly recognizable name in New Age music, it’s hard to know why not. From the opening notes to the very last one, the music on “In the Soft Light of Grace” is music that gently washes over you like warm ocean waves lapping up to softly kiss you with unforgettable magnificence. It is alive. It is authentic. It is grace.

In any genre, when you’re at the very top, as is David Nevue, there can be a lot of pressure to keep topping yourself. Add to that a sequence of experiences on your life journey that may be called “dark night of the soul,” and there you have a recipe for something akin to writer’s block . . . or more.  Along with these pressures, after his last highly successful recording release in 2015, “Winding Down,” David was weary and experiencing debilitating bouts of vertigo that weren’t conducive to him touring or recording.

So, when he first sat down to compose this album, nothing good was happening. It was like forced energy.  Deeply spiritual, it is when he decided to “let go and let God,” that the music started pouring out of him like balm for the soul. In the soft light of grace is exactly where this album was “born.”

Now, there is solo piano and there is SOLO PIANO.  “In the Soft Light of Grace” is the latter. The thirteen melody driven tracks are wonderful, distinctive in style, and polished like fine diamonds, yet not pretentious on any level. The music is velvety smooth, refined, emotive; both heartfelt and heart opening at the same time.

It is very challenging to choose a favorite in this album, and even though I’ve tried, I don’t think I can, because throughout, we are completely bathed and swaddled in the blanket of soft light. This is a very flowing album from start to finish. From the opening track, “Walking in Trust,” where we find ourselves more than willing to take that walk, to the exquisite “A Dance for Heaven,” the last track, grace surrounds us here and brings comfort and peace to the enervated soul. And I think that is many of us these days. 

“In the Soft Light of Grace” is a “must have” for any music collection. You will want to get the entire album. It is extremely restful, deeply relaxing, deeply peaceful and unforgettably heavenly solo piano at its finest.  In fact, I think if we visited heaven this music is exactly what we’d hear there. Yes. David Nevue is back. And we are blessed.

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